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Seasons underway
Both the Tuesday and Saturday seasons are underway as they both kick off the summer seasons. It looks like the Saturday captains did a better job picking teams than the Tuesday captains after one week.

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The Saturday League got underway this weekend, with all 10 teams in action.

9am saw Josh and the Pelicans get by a pesky Snappers team 9-6. The Snappers had 5 different goal scorers in the loss.

10am revealed some fast, new skaters for the Diggers. But speed is no much for veteran experience. The Rubber Ducks hung on for an 8-6 win. Ashe had 4 goals and Koz two.

11am was all Green Jackets. They racked up 11 goals on aging Spencer and slow Rizzo to take the brunch game 11-6.

12noon and wait, does Quigg have another good team? His Muck Dogs got some great goaltending from Millsy and a boat load of goals from Hafer and Woody in their 11-7 win over Hayes and the Spikes.

1pm the final game of the day was a subfest, atlteast for the Jammers. 12 sub goals lifted them to the 13-6 asterisk win over the Barons.

Mike Ashe

4 goals for the Rubber Ducks in their 8-6 win on Saturday.

Tuesday night kicked off the summer season, with 4 captains bailing out and numerous "top" picks. The teams weren't even that balanced with all the no shows.

7pm was Dennis against Karas, and Dennis obviously is playing for the Estrela sweepstakes next season after winning back to back titles. He drafted his worst team in years, and Karas was more than happy to get the win. ABG 6 Grand Canal 3.

8pm and it just got worse. Higgins bailed, so that meant Billy did too. In fact, half the Green Dragons bailed on this one. Zuke enjoyed every bit of this one as the Fours hammered the Dragons 15-8.

9pm and the Harp only had 6 skaters, with one alternating out to fix skates the entire game. They were just too tired too keep up with the stacked Black Rose team, 6-4 Rose.

10pm was the only good game of the night. Kevin McGovern continues his last second heroics, scoring the GWG with just 7 seconds left as Hong Kong bested Sully's Tap 9-8.

Vinny Gingle

The Virus is back. Many Bothans died to get him back on Tuesday nights.

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