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Our new motto: "Less sulking, more skating"
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Saturday league
The Saturday league is down to just one game remaining before the playoffs. With so many players out this past weekend, it's hard to gauge who's hot and who's not. Except for Underdog, they are not.

Tuesday league
All players must be paid in full to play next season. We have a large waiting list, and anyone not paid if full will go to the back of the waiting list.

Four close games including two ties on Tuesday night. But hang on, we screwed up and said playoff spots were clinched. There are indeed 3 more games left not 1 game in the regular season. So nothing has been decided just yet.

Live Stats on Game Day !!!
The EMRHL is now using Hockeyshift to host our stats. Anything stat related will be hosted on that site. Click on Live & Career stats above to follow along Live during game day or look for scores and stats after the games. Some past seasons are also available, and each players has their own individual page.

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Info on concussions in sports
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