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Required Equipment and Wheels

What is the EMRHL ?

The E as it is called, is the Eastern Mass. Roller Hockey League it began in 1999, and has two leagues, Saturday mornings and Tuesday nights. Both are 18 and over adult non-check recreational roller hockey leagues.

Pre season drafts and midseason trades are used to ensure league parity. All skill levels are welcome, but it's not a Learn to Skate league.

New players may be added midseason as space allows, and we also will fill in new players as sub players until a full time spot opens up.

We do not take full teams at this time, only individuals. New players can request to play with a friend for the first season or two.

Where do you play ?

Since October of 2000 we have played in the upstairs rink at Hockeytown USA on route one southbound in Saugus, Mass.  It's north of Boston, and just before Hooters in Saugus.

What are the requirements to play ?

A helmet with chin strap, gloves, protective cup, shin pads, and indoor wheels are required to play. League jerseys are provided at no charge at game time, and are collected immediately after the game.

Goalies have the option of playing on skates or on shoes.

What is the cost to play ?

A standard season cost is usually $240 for 14 games and playoffs. Saturday seasons can vary in length, and the cost will vary accordingly.

 Single games are $15

Throughout the year we have tournaments and prices are announced at that time.  Credit card, check, cash, and Paypal and Venmo are all accepted.

League History

The league started out in an old tennis court in Beverly, Mass. in early 1998 as a weekly pick up game. After a year of steady play, in the spring of 1999 plans for a league were made, and at that time, the Beverly Roller Hockey League was born.

Through sponsors and volunteers, the league and its players fixed up the old tennis court, bought new nets and a new scoreboard, and when the weather cooperated, the four teams would play a league game every Wednesday night.

This group of players would play official league games from the spring of 1999 until the fall of 2000 outside at the Beverly Youth Center. In the fall of 2000 the big move came.

The league was tired of waiting for five months of winter to end before playing again. So the Wednesday night league moved indoors to Saturday morning at Hockeytown in Saugus, Mass. Now the league had a bigger rink, better playing conditions, and best of all, no cancellations because of rain, and year round play.

After one season which ran through the Holidays in 2000 and into early 2001, the Beverly Roller Hockey League expanded from a local league to a regional league and at that time became the Eastern Mass Roller Hockey League.

In March of 2001 the EMRHL expanded to a second day, Tuesday night. The league now ran two different leagues, though many players play in both the Saturday and Tuesday leagues.

Now in 2024 we begin our 25th year if you can believe it.

The Tuesday league continues to have 8 teams while the Saturday league has expanded to as many as 12 teams.

Contact us right away to get in on the fun !!!    daveicehog@gmail.com 


The Eastern Mass. Roller Hockey League (EMRHL) est. 1999
owned and operated by Icehog Inc.

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