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Lumberjacks 5/18/24 - Sat
Max Whitmyer, Anthony Orlando, Giovanni Orlando, Brett Paolillo, Jake Vadeboncoeur, Brendan Linchol, Travis Bouncy, Tyler Philbroo, Liam Sheehy, Nate McCarthy - G

The Lumberjacks finally got it done in the playoffs, thanks to Steve Philbrook's younger brother Tyler.

He scored in OT of the semifinals to knock off the surging Bandits. It was an easy championship game win over the Gamblers.

The Renegades finished in first place, but fell apart in the playoffs.

Jackalopes - 4/30/24 - Tues
Dennis Bertocchi, Joe Marino, Randy Cip, Mark Meads, DJ Schovanec, Tim Colman, Tony LaVerde, Jason Ricci,
Rob McHugh - G

The Jackalopes finished in 5th place at 7-7, but got hot in the playoffs winning a pair of one goal games to win it all, including a 6-5 OT win over the first place Gorillas in the finals.

Mark Meads had both game winning goals in the final two games. Joe Marino also made a suprising showing in the playoffs.

The Gorillas were undefeated in regulation, but fell to the first place curse.

Squadron 2/3/24 - Sat
Mike DeVincent, Mark DeVincent, Cam Lemay, Dave Rogers, Chris Muise, Devon Bruzzesse, Matt Turner, Ian Margeson, Scott Evans - G

The Squadron finished in 2nd place, but caught a break when the first place Lumberjacks lost in the playoffs.

This paved the way for them to barely win their final two playoff games.

Vikings - 12/18/23 - Tues
Dennis Bertocchi, Dave Gardner, Steve Smith, Scott Brown, Joe Marino, Randy Cip, Mark Meads, Mike Albert
Rob McHugh - G

The Vikings spent most of the season in last place, finishing 5-7-0-2, but ironically
with a 0 goal differential, 105 GF and 105 GA.

They needed to beat the first place Broncos and second place Raiders to get to the finals where the beat the sixth place Packers 9-5.

Marino guaranteed a Title and delivered on Rob Mchugh's birthday.

Storm 8/26/23 - Sat
Gary Cole, Derek Cole, Jason Ricci, Jeff Lupien, Craig Perry, Pat Martin, Dave Scurray, Mike Mercier, Mike Bozio-G

The Storm had 2 teams. The 8th place regular season team at 3-5-0-1. And the playoff team that went 4-0.

The playoff team had Sousa in net, and he played better than he usually does. Gary Cole in his first captain role wins the title after taking 11 years off.

Ice Cream Man - 8/22/23 - Tues
John Andrews, Ryan Andrews, Rob Van Buskirk, Yvan Diaz, Jay Surette, Tim Colman, Matt McPherson, Mike McPherson, Andrew Todtenkopf - G

The Ice Cream Men went 13-0-0-1. Their only loss was an OT loss to 5150.

Several games were pulled out of the fire late in the game.

DJ was traded for Surette as a minor Downgrade, but Surette didn't make it to the last week of the playoffs.

Axe Men 5/6/23 - Sat
Mike DeVincent, Mark DeVincent, Eric Koz, Stephen Souza, Sean Hudson, Dave Rogers, Hugo Bernstein, Chris Muise, Scott Evans - G

The Axe Men were largely made up of last season's Gold Miners, who finished just a point out of last place, and did not like how that season ended.

After swapping Currie for rookie Chris Muise, this team went 9-0 and then 3-0 in the playoffs to win the title. Hugo missed the last few games.

War Eagles - 4/18/23 - Tues
Matt Mahoney, Mark Dakhlian, Dave Barclay, Dave Niemi, Dan Lopes, Anthony Montuoro, DJ Schovanec, Ryan Kopec, Tom Grasso - G

The War Eagles lost RVB early in the season, and that seemed to spark the team.

They finished in 2nd place, and would defeat the first place Dawgz 7-6 in the Title Game.

Town Drunks 1/21/23 - Sat
Courtenay Brown, Mike Ashe, Andrew Todtenkopf, Louis Sensale, Dennis Bertocchi, DJ Schovanec, Chad Langley, John Quigg, Ryan Hayes - G

The TD's went 7-2 on the season, and cruised through the playoffs, culminating with a 7-2 win over Mahoney and the Tombstones in the finals.

A good time was had by all.

Pomeranians - 1129/22 - Tues
Jay Frasca, Ryan Frasca, Brian Estrela, Dave Niemi, Mike Susi, Mike DeVincent, Scott Brown, Rick Gaudioso,
Chris Vittorio - G

The 7th place Poms took on the 8th place Schweenies in the finals, as the top 3 teams all bowed out in round one.

The finals went into OT, where Vittorio stood on his head, and that allowed Estrela to score 3:27 into bonus time to get the Poms the win.

Junkyard Dogs 9/10/22 - Sat
Stephen DePrato, Nick Bertocci, Rick Guadioso, Dennis Bertocchi, Louis Sensale, Jarred Barnett, Andrew Todtenkopf, Paul Chavin, Dan Tracy - G

The summer season is always wackey, and the playoffs were just that. The final week of playoffs had as many subs as regular players.

When the dust settled, the 3rd place Junkyard Dogs cruised over the Knights and Das Boot for the Title.

The Finals was a mercy rule 17-8 score.

Mr. Hankey - 8/2/22 - Tues
Mike Arsenault, Nick Bertocchi, Joe Marino, CJ Cacciatorre, Sam Tocci, Adam Muse, Vinny gingle, Nick Rao
Justin Guimond - G

The Mr. Hankey team finished in 2nd place after a fast start. They were clearly the better team all season long, and this time Arsenault did not choke.

The Championship game against Terrance and Phillip saw them down by 2, but rallied for a 5-4 win.

Fighting Saints 5/7/22 - Sat
Matt Mahoney, Joe Estrela, Dan Kelley, Nick Kelley, Mike Mason, Adin Advic, Jay Frasca, Ryan Frasca, Jon Alves - G

There was no repeat for Courtenay Brown, Chris Aho, Andrew T. or John Quigg as their first plact 9-1 Cougars fell in the semi finals to the 4-6 Saints.

Mahoney and Co.finished in 8th place, and went on a magical playoff run without Dan Kelley and Mike Mason, beating the first place Cougars then crushing the Aeros 12-3 in the Finals.

Fried Shrimp - 3/29/22 - Tues
Dennis Bertocchi, Nick Bertocchi, Louis Sensale, Matt Clark, Randy Cip, Courtenay Brown, Steve Smith, Tyrone Roberts, Tom Grasso - G

The 5th place Shrimp finished 6-6-1-1. But got hot in the playoffs.

Both the semi finals and finals were slim one goal wins.

In the finals, both Cip and Matt Clark both bailed out, leaving Courtenay as the only bad player, who stole the ball from Dennis and scored in the finals.

Cheetahs 1/8/22 - Sat
Courtenay Brown, Chris Spuglio, Eric Higgins, Chris Aho, Andrew Todtenkopf, John Quigg, Jesse Anderson, Randy Cip, Ryan Hayes - G

This season started on Sept 11, and after the holiday break, finished up in early Jan 2022.

The Cheetahs finished in 3rd at 6-3-0-1. They were missing half the team including Hayes and Quigg for the final week of the playoffs, so there are many subs in the Champ photo.

Dennis Bertocchi played net and Louis Sensale played for Quigg/Cip. Chad also played for someone.

Kashmir - 11/23/21 - Tues
Matt Mahoney, Luke Tremblay, Brett Thornton, Ross Thornton, Jason Ricci, Matt Curran, Nick Rao, Craig Murray, Joe Belfiore, Jeremey Russell - G

The third place 7-4-2-1 Kashmir team needed an OT goal in the Championship Game from Jason Ricci to win the title from Fool in the Rain.

Joe Belfiore and Craig Murray did not finish the season, but Nick Rao did.

Nobody really expected them to win it all.

Spain 8/14/21 - Sat
Mark Dakhlian, CJ Cacciatorre, Chris Spuglio, George Ramin, Craig Zecca, David Saia, Brendan Currie, Dante Masucci, Rob McHugh - G

This spring/summer season was like most, will all kinds of players leaving or not showing up, but on top of that we had a 4-5 week delay because the rink dryer was broken.

Spain finished in 7th place and knocked off the 2nd, 1st, and 5th place team to win the title. Masucci and Ramin vanished midseason. Gardner filled in for George down the stretch and in the playoffs. Estrela played for CJ.

Humpty Dumpty - 7/27/21 - Tues
Eric Higgins, Tyler Bova, Scott Brown, Tim McPherson, Vinny Gingle, Yvan Diaz, Tony LaVerde, Mike DeMarco ,
Chris Vittorio - G

This season had the playoffs postponed for 5 straight weeks due to issues at the rink.

HD pretty much led the league the entire season, then picked up LaVerde for the playoff run and went all the way.

Barnstormers - 4/10/21 - Sat
Mark Scribner, Jon Hafer, Bailey Conger, Tyler Bullock, James O'Tolle, Jeremy Raymond, Eric Koz, George Ramin, Anthony Nalen - G

This season was the first one of 2021. For the most part, we didn't lose many players.

The Firebirds took first place, but lost to the wild card Thunderbolts.

The Barnstormers got a goal from Tyler Bullock in OT to advance to the finals without Bailey, who did show up for the finals and score 3 goals against the Commandos.

Jeremy Raymond was traded from the last place team, and was a champion in his final EMRHL game.

Storm - 3/02/21 - Tues
Eric Higgins, Lucas Villandry, Sean Ciancarelli, Sean Andrews, Yvan Diaz, Steve Ciaramaglia, Justin Ciaramaglia, Paul Murray, Adam Muse (not shown)
Stephen DePrato - G

This season had a few postponed weeks. Some for weather, some for the Covid stuff.

The Storm got an early season goalie upgrade when they traded for the winless DePrato. Late in the season Moose dropped out, and they got more upgrades.

They took on the Wheels in the finals, as the top two teams met. The Wheels had two upgrades as well.

Broken Chinstrap - 1/9/21 - Sat
Matt Mahoney, Eric Koz, Craig Perry, Mike Gaff, Alek Vigneault, Chris Yorty, Helden Braz, Scott Evans - G

This season started on 2/22/20 and ended on 1/19/21. 11 months.

It started with 11 teams, and finished with 10. More than 40 skaters bailed out during this season. Playoffs were delayed for different reasons.

When all was said and done, BC got by Package Deal 7-6 and the Lost City got by That Went In 10-8. BC would crush LC in the finals 12-2, with Koz getting two goals including the game winner.

Man Rockets - 11/17/20 - Tues
Mike Arsenault, Dan Lopes, Mike Caggiano, Mike DeMarco, Matt Clark, Vinny Gingle, Jason Ricci, Dave Niemi,
Jay Sopp - G, Andrew Todtenkopf - G

The Covid Season

This season started on January 7, and ended on November 17.

The Rockets finished 4th, and were a long shot to win it all. Dave Niemi missed the last part of the season and playoffs, as did goalie Jay Sopp.

Dodgers 2/15/20 - Sat
Dave Gardner, Dave Belisle, George Ramin, Steve Fabiano, Sean Hudson, Nic Dulac, Alek Vienneu, Greg Smith
Mark Forti - G

Who knew this would be the final season before the Coof hit us.

A revolving door of Dodgers finished in 8th place with a bizarre 4-6-2-2 record.

They won a few close playoff games, and had a lead in the Championship game, but a goal with under 10 seconds left forced OT. This set the stage for the dramatics.

It was Gardner vs Hayes again, and this time it was Gardner coming out on top, as the ageless Commish scored the goal in OT to give the Dodgers and their subs the win.

Battlezone - 12/17/19 - Tues
Joe Marino, Steve Smith, Dave Niemi, Young Paik, Lucas Villandry, Mike DeMarco, Steve Chiaramaglia, Joey Salvadore, Justin Guimond - G

The Battlezone team got off to a rough start, as a few players drafted never played a game. They would finish 7-7 and in 5th place.

After getting by Bezerk in round one, they needed an early sub appearance by Brian Estrela which got tthem two goals in a 7-6 win over Burger Time.

In the Finals without Young Paik they took on the 7th place Centipede team and scored 5 times in the third for a 13-9 Title Game win.

White Russian 9/28/19 - Sat
Jon Hafer, Mike DeMarco, Nick Rao, Ryan Cadigan, Nick Bertocci, Brian Raimo, JT Nichols, John Dalba,
Cory Snyder - G

Mike DeMarco went out on a limb at the draft, but his "shaky" picks turned out alright.

They finished in first, and wrapped up the season with the Jay Fraser Cup.

Geese - 8/20/19 - Tues
Dennis Bertocchi, Anthony Milne, Chris Swanson, Louis Sensale, Andrew Conlin, Joe Biancardi, Tim Logue, John Andrews,
Rob McHugh - G

The Geese got a HUGE upgrade late in the season when Tim Logue came on board as a "downgrade".

They chose and got by the 2nd place Hummingbirds in round one, then

Rumblefish 5/18/19 - Sat
Jon Hafer, Nick Ventura, Joey Davenport, Paul O'Callaghan, Nick Deletesky, Mike Harder, Tyler Bullock, Steve Ciaramaglia, Stephen DePrato - G

Rumblefish led for most if not all of the season, and they should have got a downgrade, but it's just how it worked out.

Couple that with the multiple playoff subs in the final round, and you have a tainted title for sure.

Stop or My Mom - 4/30/19 - Tues
Joe Marino, Anthony Milne, Dennis Bertocchi, Mike Caggiano, Courtenay Brown, Steve Fabiano, Justin Burnett, Alex Romano, Jay Sopp - G

The 6:30 team finished in 2nd place, and won again.

The usual suspects ended up in the champ photo again.

Oilers 1/19/19 - Sat
Dave Krueger, Anthony Milne, Andrew Samel, Eric Benoit, Ted Davenport, Mike Harder, Joey Davenport, John Gonneville, Rob McHugh - G

Rob McHugh goes back to back on another stacked team.

The Oilers finished 4th, as the top four teams all made it to the final round.

They needed OT to get by the first place Devils, and then cruised past a tired Sabres team in the finals 11-4.

Lady Detectives - 12/11/18 - Tues
Joe Marino, Mike DeVincent, Nick Ventura, Dave Krueger, Dennis Bertocchi, Scott Leyden, Adam Muse, Mark Meads,
 Tom Grasso - G

The 6:30 team finished in 2nd place behind the Sex and the City team, and these two teams would both win big in the semis, 11-3 identical scores.

The Title Game ended in a low scoring 5-2 affair. Dave Kreuger did not attend the final week of the playoffs.

Big Bottom 9/15/18 - Sat
Dave Gardner, Steve Fabiano, Justin Perry, Dave Scurrah, Nick Lepore, Mike Conley, Jason Rizzo, Rob McHugh - G

The season that wouldn't end, finally finished up on 9-15, after a couple of weeks off for rink painting.

Big Bottom lost 3 players during the season, and pretty much had to sub in for the rest of the season and playoffs. The top four teams advance to the semi finals, with the 2nd place BB's knocking off 1st place Flower People 6-3.

Higgins subbed in for Rizzo, and Koz and DeMarco split sub duties for the 9th.

The Blaze - 8/21/18 - Tues
Joe Marino, Nick Bertocchi, Ernie Paradis, Stephen DePrato, Josh Heavern, Scott Leyden, Lucas Villandry, Tony LaVerde, Tom Grasso - G

After a fast start, then a slumping midseason, followed by a strong finish and playoffs, and fighting amongst themselves the entire time, they had one last group hug at the end with the Cup.

A 6-5 OT win in the Semis against Twitch, then a 6-5 win in the Title Game.

Donkey Kong 6/02/18 - Sat
Tony LaVerde, Brian Estrela, Joe Estrela, Jeremy Raymond, Jon Hafer, Greg Smith, James O'Toole, Cory Snyder - G

The DK team ran with 7 most of the season, with different players filling in for the open spot. Dave Lewis played most of them, but did not finish the playoffs.

DK was in first place for most of the season, and 2 of the 3 playoff games were blowouts. A 4-3 win in the semis over Arctic Thunder was the only close one.

Joe Estrela gets his first title.

Lynx - 5/1/18 - Tues
Greg Smith, Rob VanBuskirk, Eric Gratz, Jim Griffin, Jay Surette, Nick Ventura, Mike DeVincent, Nick Bertocchi,
Jay Sopp - G

After the Tigers collapsed late in the season, the Lynx stole first and got to pick their playoff opponents. After getting by the Black Panthers, then eeked out a 5-4 win against the Pink Panthers in the semis.

The Champ Game was an instant classic. The Lynx and 7th place Bobcats traded goals until it was tied at 6-6 at the end of regulation.

After a scoreless 10 minute OT, the teams then went 9 rounds of a shootout before Eric Gratz scored on his 4th attempt for the win.

Titans 2/10/18 - Sat
John Quigg, Mike Caggiano, Eric Benoit, Tim Hogan, Mike Mercier, Andy Bencal, Courtenay Brown, Nick Bertocchi,
Stephen Mills - G

The Titans finished 10-2 in the regular season, and who knew that adding Mike Mercier would be an upgrade for them mid season.

They needed a late comeback and OT in their first playoff game, but then cruised to the Jay Fraser Cup.

North Carolina - 1/2/18 - Tues
Mike Susi, Adam Muse, Tyler Bova, Lucas Villandry, Scott Brown, Stephen DePrato, Vinny Gingle, Jay Frasca,
Erik Hajen - G

Finishing in 3rd place the 7-5-1 North Carolina team went on to win it all.

After the season both Mike Susi and Vinny Gingle retired.

Tyler Bova finally gets the Massachusetts Monkey off his back with a legit Title.

Medium - 10/14/17 - Sat
Dennis Bertocchi, Eric Benoit, Anthony Montuoro, Dave Gardner, Nick Deletesky, Louis Sensale, Craig Murray
 Scott Evans - G

The Medium team finished in first place with an 11-1 record.

Dave Messuri played one game and vanished, and we're not sure where Craig Murray was for the Finals, but he's not in the picture.

But Nick Deletesky is.

Pink Floyd - 9/12/17 - Tues
Dennis McGonagle, Ryan Burge, Sean Andrews, Young Paik, Jeff Lupien, Tim Logue, Wayne Vaters, Max Collins,
Jay Sopp - G

Marino and Queen finished first and were heavy favorites, but choked in the semis when Max Collins tied it with 10 seconds left, then won it in OT for Floyd.

The Bee Gees also needed OT to advance to the finals, where we saw a third OT game on that night.

Burge was the hero scoring with 7:39 left for Pink Floyd, in OT.

Scouts - 6/03/17 - Sat
Jeremy Socia, Chris Swanson, Sean Andrews, Courtenay Brown, Joe Biancardi, Yvan Diaz, Ryan Cadigan, Mike Ashe, Jeremy Russell - G

The Scouts got a great goaltender upgrade when Joe Biancardi jumped in and stole the semis and the finals for the Scouts.

Ryan Cadigan is a champion. Sadly so is Courtenay Brown.

Renegades - 5/16/17 - Tues
Eric Higgins, Tim McPherson, Adam Muse, Tony LaVerde, Jeff Lupien, Jay Frasca, Dave Krueger,
Justin Guimond - G

Higgins and Lupien win another Title.

This was the first Tuesday title for Tony.

Nightmare on Elm St. - 2/11/17 - Sat
Dave Krueger, Dave Martini, Josh Heavern, Steve Smith, Eben Crawford, Anthony Milne, Tyler Bullock, Pete Carpintieri, Jim Celeste - G

The Nightmare finished 7-4-0-1 good enough for 3rd place. 

All 3 of their playoff games were decided by 2 goals or less. In the finals Anthony Milne had the only goal as Jim Celeste got the 1-0 shutout win.

They did get a playoff upgrade as Stephen DePrato played for Dave Martini.

McRib - 1/18/17 - Tues
Eric Higgins, Jordan Smith, Ryan Burge, Dave Barclay, Wayne Vaters, Scotty Leyden, Scott Brown, Jeff Lupien,
Garrett Phelan - G

McRib needed OT in both the semi finals and the finals.

Eric Higgins had the GWG in OT in both games. In the finals, they went up 5-0 on the first place Shamrock Shakes.

But watched a 6-2 third period lead evaporate as the Shakes tied it with two goals in the final 29 seconds.

Arryn - 9/27/16 - Tues
Mike Barry, Bobby Correale, Chris Mahoney, Joe Marino, Tim Logue, Jeff Lupien, Dave Niemi, Randy Cipoleta,
Erik Hajen - G

Mike Barry's team finished in 3rd place at 8-5-1

Monster X - 10/08/16 - Sat
Dave Gardner, Anthony Milne, Mike DeVincent, Dennis Bertocchi, Nick Bertocchi, Cam Lemay, Sean Moynihan, Ryan Cadigan, Stephen DePrato - G

The Commish took a bunch of unknowns and got them a t-shirt.

Jeremy Socia played the part of Scott Fowler and subbed in for the Championship Photo.

Sambuca 6/07/16 - Tues
Vinny Bianco, Brian Estrela, Dave Gardner, Bobby Correale, Tony LaVerde, Mark Dakhlian, Cam Brousseau, Ben Corman, Erik Hajen - G

Sambuca finished in 2nd place at 10-4 with a +25 goals differential.

Looney Tunes - 6/04/16 - Sat
Dave Krueger, Jim Caeren, Chris Swanson, Anthony Milne, Tim Hogan, Dave Messuri, Tom Inman, Mike Giordano, Rob McHugh - G

Alot of players went through this roster.

Rob McHugh didn't even play in the championship game.

Vultures - 2/13/16 - Sat
Tom Grasso, Justin Perry, Tyrone Roberts, John Logan, Tyler Bova, Mike Gio, Elias Leone, Scott McCoy,
Jay Sopp - G

The 9-3 Vultures needed to beat the top seeded 10-2 Crows in the title game.

Bova had 5 goals and Roberts had a pair and 3 assists. Rookies Elias Leone and Scott McCoy take the title in their first season.

Justin Perry broke his skate in the finals, and had to borrow one to finish the game. Mike Gio wins his 2nd EMRHL title in 5 days after winning on Tuesday night.


Reebok - 2/09/16 - Tues
Dennis McGonagle, Craig Murray, Chris Spuglio, Chris Mahoney, Rob Moore, Steve Burdick, Matt Clark, Mike Gio,
Barry Moore - G

It's not often the 1st and 2nd place teams meet in the finals, but this season they did.

2nd seed Reebok defeated first place Adidas in what was one of the tightest standings we've had on Tuesday night.

Robocop - 10/20/15 - Tues
Mike Barry, Eric Higgins, Adam Muse, Bill St. Pierre, Rob Richards, Jay Surette, Mike Giordano, Justin Guimond - G

This time it was the 7th place team going all the way.

First title for Rob Richards and Mike Gio.

Goats - 10/10/15 - Sat
Jordan Smith, Jon Hafer, Brad Olson, Rick O'Keefe, James O'Toole, Frank Reiman, Steve Smith, Mike Gaff,
Jeremy Russell - G

Jordan Smith goes back to back titles, then takes the next season off.

Battleship - 6/30/15 - Tues
Terry O'Leary, Cam Brousseau, Rob Van Buskirk, Craig Morelli, Jay Frasca, Geoff Collins, Wayne Vaters, Vinny Gingle,
Ryan Hayes - G

TO and Battleship went 2-11 in the regular season, good for last place.

They put together an impressive playoff run by knocking off top seeded Chutes and Ladders in round one 7-3.

Then the next week they got a goal with under one second left by RVB to tie it. Jay Frasca scored in OT to beat 2nd place Monopoly.

In the finals they needed OT again. Vinny Gingle scored on AK to give Battleship the 8-7 OT win over Smitty and Trouble.

Wild Samoans - 5/30/15 - Sat
Jordan Smith, Sean Sullivan, Ryan Burge, Craig Perry, Eben Crawford, Mark Fuery, Sam Tocci, Dave Martini, Cory Snyder-G

The league expanded to 12 teams for the first time ever.

Jordan finally beat Mills in a playoff game. Dave Martini finally lifted the Fraser Cup. And Cory Snyder proved even a bad goalie can win a Title in the E.

Cam Brousseau started with the team, but broke his wrist and was replace with Craig Perry early in the season.


Gas House Gang - 3/10/15 - Tues
Terry O'Leary, Craig Murray, Brian Estrela, Scott Brown, Kevin McGovern, CJ Mossali, Dave Niemi, Cam Brousseau,
Erik Hajen - G

In Dave Niemi's first season NOT on a Griffin team, he wins the Title and is known as the Revis of the EMRHL.

Cam Brousseau broke his thumb and missed much of the season. Dan Kelley pulled a Fowler and subbed in for the Gang in the playoffs, and got his mug in the championship photo.

The Gang finished 9-5 good enough for 3rd place. They led the league with 117 goals scored.

Maple Leafs - 1/24/15 - Sat
Dave Gardner, Tony LaVerde, John Quigg, Geroge Meyer, Kyle Jenkins, Eric Benoit, Mark Dakhlian, Mike DeMarco,
Mike Parkingson - G

The league expanded to 11 teams for the first time ever on Saturdays.

As a joke Gardner drafted Tony in the first round. When the Leafs ran out to a 6-0 start to the season, only the Leafs were laughing. But they ran into hard times, finishing the season 7-5 and in 4th place.

They needed OT to get by the 5th place Islanders in round one, but then beat the 2nd place Predators and the 1st place Canadiens to win it all. Adam Karas subbed in for Kyle Jenkins, Eric Benoit did not show up for the 2nd week of the playoffs.

Black Rose - 11/04/14 - Tues
Greg Smith, Terry Patsel, Chris Mahoney, Brian Leahy, Eric Gratz, Jay Surrette, Mike Gaff, Matt Clark,
Tom Grasso - G

The Count gets it done by knocking off the heavily favored Karas team.

Finishing in 3rd place at 8-6, they got all the way to the finals where they faced off against a stacked ABG team that went 12-2 on Tuesday nights.

But a team with Cain and Shane, even with a 12-2 record, should never be a favorite to win anything.

AK's Tuesday reign comes to an end and Grasso takes over.

Spikes - 10/04/14 - Sat
Tony LaVerde, Scott Fowler, Chris Kuzyk, Jesse Anderson, Mike DeMarco, Todd Newman, Robert Hall, Barry Moore,
Ryan Hayes - G

Hayes goes back to back, but this time as the heavy favorite.

Mike DeMarco was traded late as a downgrade for Mike Proctor.

Robert Hall gets a title in his rookie season.

Barry Moore was not in net for this season. Tony LavVerde gets the monkey off his back, while Scott Fowler missed most of the semi final game after a tantrum, but returned with 3 minutes left to score the GWG in that game.

Rage - 7/15/14 - Tues
Dennis McGonagle, Daniel Piasecki, Geoff Collins, Mark Dakhlian, Randy Cip, Phil Oreto, Jay Frasca, John Quigg,
Alek Kanevsky - G

Dennis goes back to back.

AK was on fire in the playoffs, posting a pair of shutouts.

Quigg shows Karas he can win a Tuesday title.

And it was the last time Phil Oreto was dratted in the 6th round.

Latvia - 6/28/14 - Sat
Joe Duffy, Tim Viall, Matt Ryan, Justin Perry, Mike Proctor, Todd Newman, Jesse Anderson, Cam Brousseau,
Ryan Hayes - G

This season once again had 10 teams, and 2 divisions.

The 12-2 Russians won the north and were heavy favorites. Latvia won the south but were the underdogs.

In front of a packed house at the 15 Year Alumni Day Latvia took a 2-0 lead in the third. The Russians tied it at 2-2 in the 2nd, but a powerplay goal by Joe Duffy in the third and a penalty shot stop by Hayes gave the underdogs the title.

Cipro - 3/25/14 - Tues
Dennis McGonagle, Daniel Piasecki, Liam Spinicci, Kevin Murphy, Phil Oreto, Chris Mahoney, Jay Frasca, Randy Cipoletta, Erik Hajen - G

The season that never ended, it seemed like. It started with four games, then a snow out and two Holidays and we had most of December off. The snow and cold lasted right up until the season ended on March 25. This was also the season we lost Paul Botolino.

Philbrook finished in first and was looking to threepeat, but his Nyquil team bowed out in round one to Motrin. The next week Cipro shutout Motrin 7-0 to advance to the finals, where they defeated Maalox 6-2. Hajen lets up just two goals in two games in round two.

Mahoney just got by Estrela 67 to 65 points to take the scoring title. Daniel Piasecki was the only repeat champion. Liam broke his collerbone midway through the Championship Game. Phil pulled a Griffin and did not play in the Finals.


Chippewa - 2/22/14 - Sat
Mike Sara, Bob Dempsey, Scott Fowler, Steve Smith, Ryan Cadigan, John Seward, Kevin Phillips, James, O'Toole,
Rob McHugh - G

This was the first season to the best of our memory that the E started and finished with 10 teams. We had 2 division of 5 teams, with the division winners meeting in the finals.

The Chippewa won the Campbell Conference, while the Iroquois started the season with an 11-2 loss to the Scarecrows, before finishing 10-3-1 and winning the Wales Conference.

Bob Dempsey had 5 goals in the Title game for the Chips. Meanwhile the Iroquois struggled in all 3 playoff games.

Other season notes: The Sioux started the season 0-11 and finished 2-12. Mike Susi of the Scarecrows won the scoring title with 75 points.

Lucky Charms - 11/12/13 - Tues
Steve Philbrook, Dave Gardner, Nick Dulchinos, Geoff Collins, Rob Moore, Daniel Piasecki, Scott Fowler,
Chris Lingley, Alek Kanevsky - G

Steve Philbrook made it back to back titles as he guided his Lucky Charms team to an 8-6 win over top seeded Trix in the finals.

In a season where Jim Celeste was replace by Barry Moore late in the season, the road was paved for Adam Karas and BSP to take the title. But a Zuke like third period collapse in the semi finals ended that dream.

When Scott Leyden went down with an injury, Fowler was dealt in a hurry to the Charms by Jim Griffin, who's winless Fruity Pebbles got Andy LeColst as the mid season upgrade.

Nick Dulchinos gets his first Title, and the Commish gets to raise the Jay Fraser Cup for the first time. And it was nice to see AK winning it without Griffin for a change.


Iron Maiden - 10/05/13 - Sat
Eric Koz, Matt Potts, Mark Dakhlian, Yvan Diaz, Dennis Bernebei, Mark Younker, George Meyer, Matt Nixon,
Tom Grasso - G

It was an usual summer season as the league started and finished with 9 teams, as league best for the summer.

The playoffs were crazy as usual with all the player absences and other things going on.

Both rookie Matt Potts and Mark Dakhlian missed the playoffs and subs were brought in, that may or may not have helped win the Title.

Koz wins another one after missing a few seasons to injury. We think it was the first Cup for many on this team.

Pirates - 7/23/13 - Tues
Steve Philbrook, Brian Estrela, Adam Muse, Joe Gordon, Rob Moore, Ernie Paradis, Matt Clark, Jake Krajeski
Shaun Johnson - G

Where was the Downgrade ?

The Pirates went box to wire, even dealing with the curse of Moose.

They finished 10-4, but needed a come from behind win over the Reds in the third period of the Finals to raise the cup.

67's - 6/29/13 - Sat
Ernie Paradis, Adam Snow, Todd Newman, Greg Zall, Rick Guadioso, George Meyer, Liam Spinicci,
Alek Kanevsky - G

AK's return to the Saturday League landed him on a team that lost 3-4 players right off the bat.

It was a 10 team season in which the 67's finished in 2nd place at 9-5, behind the stacked 11-3 Knights.

The Knights choked in the playoffs, losing their first game. This paved the way for the 67's.

They went all the way to the finals, taking on the underdog 4-9-1 Wolves. The Title Game went into OT where Liam scored on his own rebound.

Fighting Irish - 4/02/13 - Tues
Matt Zecchino, Brian Estrela, Steve Burdick, Kevin McGovern, Joe Gordon, Luis Carmona, Scott Brown, Jeremy Smith, Erik Hajen - G

The first season with a Beer Summit at the halfway point to make trades, seem to balance out the teams down the stretch. 7 of the 8 teams finished within a few points of the first place Wolverines, the Friars were the only ones at 1-12-1.

Drew Heneson was traded off the eventual champs for Downgrade Steve Burdick.

In the playoffs, the top three seeds, Wolverines, Vikings, and Blackbears all lost in round one. The Irish were in first place forever, but after dropping 4 in a row to finish the season, they fell into the 4th seed. They beat the 5 seed Catamounts and then cruised in round two to the Title.

Lollipop Kids - 1/26/13 - Sat
Peter Simetti, Scott Fowler, Bob Dempsey, Kevin Phillips, Joe Doherty, Mark Younker, Mark Feury,
Jason Saulnier - G

Tornadoes - 1/26/13 - Sat
Joe Duffy, John Seward, Jesse Anderson, Tom Viall, Matt Ryan, Ed Cain, James Kim, Ryan Hayes - G

This Saturday season started with 9 teams and by week two had 10 teams and even finished with all 10 teams. A Saturday first.

By the end of the season it was obvious there was no way to balance the parity with all the players coming and going, so the decision was made to have an A and B playoffs to have better games.

The expansion Lollipop Kids, made up of a bunch of guys who joined late needed overtime in the semi finals to advance to the finals where easily beat the Tin Men.

The Tornadoes lost their top pick very early in the season, and spent most of the season subbing in bad players until Mahoney jumped on late. They finished losing their final six games before going on a playoff tear and wining it all.

This was the first season we saw the Scarecrows come in as a full team, something very rarely seen in the EMRHL. They finished in 3rd place and lost their playoff game after their leading scorer Mike Susi got hurt snowboarding.

Met Life - 11/27/12 - Tues
Adam Karas, Randy Cipoletta, Greg Zall, Chris Mahoney, Alex Nicolaou, Luis Carmon, CJ Mossali, Drew Heneson,
Justin Guimond - G

This was the season of injuries. Spuglio, Burdick, Cole, Mike Barry, Barry Moore, Jake, CJ, and Collin all missed several games. Some made it back, but it created a huge mess as far as trying to keep league parity. Well that and Zuke's brilliant drafting strategy. Oh and then there was the guys that moved. Mallery, Donahue, Frosty. Geesh.

Met Life was about the only team not seriously effected by all of the above. They cruised through the season, but struggled in the playoffs with the lower seeds before finally getting a Greg Zall OT goal in the Finals to complete the New York Yankees championship season.

Lame.       SEASON STATS
Lords - 9/22/12 - Tues
Ryan Rizzo, Tim McPherson, Steve Fabiano, Greg Wood, Mike Proctor, John Hafer, Ernie Paradis, Mike Lee,
Greg Zall - G

The shortened summer season saw the Lords drop Mike Proctor back on defense and that changed everything. The Highlanders quietly took first place, and got all the way to the Title game, but needed OT to eliminate the 8th seeded Minute Men in round one.

The Patriots added Chuck Miranda and were the favorites to win until Koz and Downie both left mid season. Moose missed the Wheelers playoff game, and late season acquisition Ryan Hayes was good for only one playoff win for the Assassins.

The Kings got 17'd in the playoffs, an E first we think. The Shamrocks had a decent playoff game, and were the most improved team. The Championship Game saw Tony Laverde tie it for the Highlanders with just 1:13 left, but Fab scored in OT for the Lords to win it all.
McPherson and Ernie repeat, Dempsey loses his 2nd title game in a row.

Cypress Hill - 8/07/12 - Tues
Greg Smith, Rob VanBuskirk, Craig Morelli, Mark Dakhlian, Joe Furugori, Joe Marnio, Ryan McManus, Chris Mahoney, Barry Moore - G

Dennis insisted on gangsta rap names, and it was the most problems we've had on Tuesdays in years, though we don't recall any trades or downgrades.

CH went pretty much box to wire in this season, finishing with an 11-3 record.

In the 2nd round of the playoffs they were nearly upset by the 7th seed House of Pain. They blew a 5-1 lead, then needed a Van Bizzie goal with 12 seconds left to force OT where they won it.

The beat a Dennis-less Wu Tang team 6-2 for the Title. Neither Mahoney nor Dennis were at the finals. Gratz was a better sure than Higgins. 

Grenades 6/23/12 - Sat
Kyle O'Connor, Mike Conley, Ernie Paradis, Tim McPherson, Peter Simetti, Steve Smith, Tyrone Roberts,
Justin Guimond - G

The Grenades finished the season in 5th place with a 7-7 record. Their team remained in tact for the most part, only losing rookie Sean Kershaw who disappeared after 4 games. Tito G. was assigned to the green team when the Fireballs dissolved, but he only played one game with them before vanishing.

In the playoffs in round one, Tyrone Roberts scored the GW in OT to beat the Rockets. Then in the Semi Finals, Roberts set up Mike Conley for the OT game winner against the Atomic Bombs.

In the Title Game, the Grenades got by the 11-3 Missiles with an 8-5 win.

Land of the Lost - 4/17/12 - Tues
Terry O'Leary, Derek Cole, Rich Donahue, Reuben, VanWormer, Lucas Villandry, Scotty Brown, Jay Surrette, Wayne Vaters, Jay Collins - G

The season began with trades in week 3 after a bad draft and some dudes dropping out right away. Land of the Lost ended up trading away Pete Paperno and Dave Gardner (late in the season) and picking up Scott Brown and Jay Surrette.

Still they went 13-1 and cruised through the playoffs. Perhaps TO got the monkey off his back with this one.

Surrette is still not a real duck, and the Commish still wants his t-shirt.

The Championship Game was filmed and posted on the EMRHL account.

Goblins 2/18/12 - Sat
Scott Leyden, Jon Leone, Mark Younker, Paul Provencal, Mike Larrivee, Greg Martinez, John Doherty,
Daniel Stanush - G

The Goblins finished in first place but needed OT to get by The Fog in the semi finals to get to the Title game.

They knocked off the 3rd place Undead 10-5 in that Title Game.

Nick Eaton and Joe Doran started the season with the Goblins but both vanished in the early part of the season. Joe Doherty was a midseason call up, and though it took him 6 weeks to find his legs, turned into one of the better C players.

Martinez twisted an ankle and missed the third period of the Title Game.

Broncos - 12/27/11 - Tues
Dennis McGonagle, Brian Estrella, Shane Lemay, Kevin Murphy, Mike Barry, Chris Spuglio, Kerry Dowd, Mike Davidov,
Justin Guimond - G

The Broncos rolled through this season going 12-2 en route to a 15-2 finish after sweeping the playoffs.

Dave Niemi went down with an injury early and was replaced eventually by Mike Davidov, who came up with some big playoff goals. Shane Lemay missed several weeks, but made a surprise appearance in the last week of the playoffs, while Murf skipped out on it.

Injuries to the Bills and Rams seemed to help pave the way in the playoffs for the Broncos, as goaltending surely was not a key factor.

Astros  9/17/11 - Sat
Ryan Rizzo, Jeff Lupien, Mark Dakhlian, Ben Corman, Mike Larrivee, Ernie Paradis, Max Collins - G

The short summer season saw a 3 way tie for first between the Astros, Reds, and Diamondbacks, with the Astros taking first via the tie breakers.

The playoffs were a one day event involving 6 of the 7 teams, and shorter games. Only 3 original skaters and a goalie showed up as Rizzo, Lupien, and Larrivee all missed the playoffs and Tweak and some guy named Mike both bailed late in the season.

It was more Leyden-gate as Scott Leyden scored a bunch of goals as the Astros beat the Reds/Giants 10-3 in the Title Game. Max Collins did the fam proud.

Ricola - 9/06/11 - Tues
Scott Fowler, Dave Gardner, Derek Cole, Marat Goldenberg, Matt Zecchino, Matt Clark, Mark Dakhlian, Mike Barry, Justin Guimond - G

Ricola finished in 7th place and ironically took on the 8th place Ex Lax team for the title. It was the first time we think the last place teams made it all the way to the Finals.

In the final week we had Leyden-Gate, as Scott Leyden subbed in for the sick Gardner and Scott scored some goals that pissed off some of the guys with egos.

Nice job by Fowler to get in the Championship photo on his own team for a change.

Barracudas  7/2/11 - Sat
Ryan Rizzo, Bob Dempsey, Paul Provencal, Jeff Lupien, Steve Smith, Jim Celeste, Dave Messuri, Jay Sopp - G

The Barracudas had 3 guys drop almost immediately after the opening faceoff of the first game.

They dealt with subs for the most part until Mahoney cut Jim Celeste from the Bottom Feeders and Rhino picked him up for nothing. Dave Messuri also would be added to the team late in the season, and Dave played in the Semi Final game scoring a big goal in their win over the Squids.

Muzz showed up to play in the Title Game, but they had already got a sub for him in Scott Leyden. Sean Sully filled in for Lupien who was away in the 2nd week of the playoffs. Jim Celeste had zero playoff points.

It was Rizzo's first Championship as a captain and not under Koz's shadow.


United  5/17/11 Tues
Eric Higigns, Luis Carmona, Bill St. Pierre, Pete Paperno, Chris Mahoney, Dave Niemi, Jeff Pike, Steve Burdick,
Shaun Johnson - G

United had a rough middle part of the season, and half the team was demanding trades or they were going to quit.

Captain Higgins managed to wipe enough noses, and everybody stayed on board and they finished up in 4th place at 8-6.

All 9 original players were at the playoffs, and they rolled all the way to the finals where they beat Jet Blue 8-4.


Americans  2/12/11 - Sat
Mike McDonald, Kyle O'Connor, Nick Rao, Mike Melnik, Adam Snow, Ryan Verity, Anthony Nalen, Erik Hajen - G

The Americans finished at 6-8, with half their team gone by playoffs. Snow, Pugliese, and Verity all were subbed in for.

Jeff Katz had the game winner in the semis. Then in the Finals, Erik Hajen allowed ten goals to the heavily favored Seals, but managed an 11-10 thrilling win for the blue team.

It was Mike McDonald's last game in the E, atleast for a while. Fowler once again appears in the Championship photo somehow.


Seminoles  1/18/11 Tues
Brian Estrella, Scott Fowler, Joel Barry, Rob VanBuskirk, Greg Smith, Steve Burdick, Jay Surrette, Gary Caissie,
Barry Moore - G

The Seminoles started with only 7 skaters in the draft, then fell to 6 before getting Jay Surrette in a trade and Gary Caissie of the FA wire.

That stacked this team up pretty good.

The had a cupcake walk through the playoffs, winning all three games by atleast
4 goals or more.


Liverpool  9/28/10 Tues
Dennis McGonagle, Greg Zall, Scott Fowler, Joel Barry, Mike Barry, Javier Soto, Eric Gratz, Mike Bozio - G

It's not often that Fowler gets in a Champ photo on his own team, and it's even rarer for a team to start and finish with all 8, but this was that team. Eric Gratz was the draft steal in the 7th round.

Finishing in first place with a 10-3-1 record, Liverpool cruised through the season and the playoffs to nobody's surprise.

They beat Philbrook, Andrews, and the Everton team 9-3 in the Finals.


Risk  9/25/10 - Sat
Greg Zall, Mark Dakhlian, Ravi Patel, Steve Smith, Jeff Lupien, Justin Jones, Jay Rizzo, Rick Melanson - G

Risk finished in 7th place at 5-9.

After a big first round win, the next week they upset the first place Hippos 1-0 in one of the most memorable chokes for a first place team.

In the finals they knocked off Mike McDonald and Sorry 7-3. McDonald would get his revenge in the next season though.

6 of the 8 original skaters played in the playoffs, with Fowler subbing in for Jay Rizzo and in the Champ photo one more time. Social also subbed in.


Hornets  6/08/10 - Tues
Jim Griffin, Lucas Villandry, Chris Mahoney, Joel Barry, Jay Frasca, Pete Paperno, Ernie Paradis, Erik Hajen - G

The Hornets finished in 5th place, and were just a mediocre team when Griffin played all 3 periods. There were no upgrades or downgrades, though their 9th round pick bailed out with 3 weeks left and wasn't replaced. Upgrade ?

After knocking out the 4th seeded Earwigs, the Hornets beat the first place Crickets to advance to the Title Game.

In the finals, they needed late goals to tie the Lady Bugs, then after nearly 10 minutes of OT, Mahoney scored on AK to get them the dramatic win.


Huskies  4/24/10 - Sat
Matt Spirito, Bill Wynert, Justin Jones, Steve Smith, Ed Cain Jordan Smith,
Jay Sopp - G

The Huskies spent most of the season in first place, but bail outs and bad attendance dropped them into a tie for third place going into the playoffs.

After Kerry Dowd carried the Huskies to round two, it was Greg Zall who jumped in and threw the Huskies on his back in the final round of the playoffs.

The top seeded Poodles had a 4-3 lead going into the 3rd, but managed only one shot on net, as the Huskies took it to them. Billy One Arm scored the game winner with just 1:39 to play.


Sonic  2/16/10 - Tues
Jim Griffin, Sean Andrews, Chris Mahoney, Kyle Stevenson, Chris Lingley, Wayne Vaters, James Hollenbeck, Jack King, Mike Bozio - G

At 10-4, this was the team to Downgrade, as they rolled over all 7 teams in the Tuesday league that season.

The Commish must have been feeling sorry for Griff, letting that team stay together.

That and the fact that Jack King bailed out for the playoffs all lead to a Griff and Bozio title.

Just a side note, this was the whiniest Title game ever played.


Blackhawks 1/23/10 - Sat
Matt Spirito, Jim Caeren, Sean Deinstadt, Sean Andrews, Kris Verity, Jeff Lupien, Dan Kellly, Jordan Smith, Jay Sopp - G

This was the beginning of the Dark Ages on Saturdays, with Spirito winning a Title.

Jim Caeren and Sean Andrews jumped on the Hawks after Muzz and Dakhlian were traded.

The Hawks cruised through the remaining games, ended in a 3 way tie for second place, and concluded the playoffs with a 6-2 win over the first place Nordiques.

Jeff Lupien finally got his Championship.


Showtime 10/27/09 - Tues
Chris Mahoney, Chris Lingley, Dennis McGonagle, Phil Oreto, Jake Krajeski, Lucas Villandry, Zane Villandry, Jason Tarricone, Alek Kanevsky - G

Another Tuesday season in which we could have given a Downgrade.

The 11-2 first place Showtime team went box to wire, finishing with an 8-6 win over MTV in the finals.

Steve Philbrook filled in for Dennis who has made a habit of winning Titles without actually being there. Kind of the complete opposite of a Rob Mercier.


Slipknot 9/19/09 - Sat
Eric Koz, Zane Villandry, Lucas Villandry, Ernie Paradis, Mike Rikeman, Justin Jones, Dennis McGonagle, Mark Younkers, Anthony Nalen - G

Slipknot sported a 3-2-2 record in the short summer season, good enough for a 3 way tie for second place.

They took on 7th place Mr. Big in the Title Game and won 5-3. A nice effort by the 2-4-1 Mr. Big team.

Alex Nicolaou subbed in for both Ernie and Dennis who missed the final week of the playoffs.

Koz wins two in a row, it's three for Nalen.


Ultimate Warriors 7/7/09 - Tues
Matt Zucchino, Craig Morelli, Steve Duquet, Steve Sullivan, Terry O'Leary, Jay Weinberg, Rob Downie, Greg Smith,
Jay Brown - G

If there was ever need for a Downgrade, this was the team, this was the season.

With a 11-1-2 record, Downie did not need to quit like he does when he's on a sub .500 team.

Zuke and Duke were unbelievable, as the Warriors coasted to a 9-2 Title Game win over the Junkyard Dogs.


Playboy Radio 6/27/09 - Sat
Eric Koz, Mike Mason, Steve Jelley, Mike McIerney, Mark Dobrinkski, Billy Wynert, Derek Cole, George Lachkey,
Anthony Nalen - G

The Playboy Radio team had a strong season sporting a 15-3 record as we played a long season.Billy One Arm and Derek Cole tore up the offense, and Mike Mason slowly improved his defensive skills.

It was a big Title win for Mason without Hurley or Raymond holding his hand. Goalie Anthony Nalen won his 2nd Title in a row.

George LB showed up for half of the games, and was really not a factor in the playoffs at all.

This season started with 9 teams, but one was dropped late in the season due to lack of player attendance.


Amber 3/17/09 - Tues
Dan Gallotto, Steve Philbrook Greg Zall, Matt McDonald, Jesse Silva, Andy Bencal, Brian Fitzpatrick - G

Possibly the worst team names ever picked by the captains. The Commish was gravely ill and had to leave after the players were picked, foolishly leaving the team names in the hands of some inebriated hockey players.

Houlihan's Kat team made a great run at the title, but in a controversial championship game, Amber came out with the 6-3 win.

Dan Gallotto missed the Champ Game, while Spirito, Cunha, and Scott Lahanne all vanished mid season. Fitzy wins his 2nd Tuesday Title in a row.


Black Ice 1/23/09 - Sat
Jack Brennan, Jay Rizzo, Vic DeAngleo, Greg Martinez, Chris Mahoney, Wayne Vaters, Anthony Nalen - G

The Black Ice team lost alot of players during this season, and it started in early when when Brian Hurcombe notified the league AFTER the draft that he was not playing. This left the Black Ice team subbing in for their top pick all season long.

Captain Craig Murray was apparently kidnapped by Aliens, as was his friend Tim Fox. Neither showed up for the last 4 games or playoffs. Goaltender Rick Melanson left midway through the season and Anthony Nalen was called up from the scrimmage game, and finished out the season and the playoffs in net.

The black team only had six players for the playoffs. After Chris Mahoney scored in OT of the Championship Game, Jack Brennan was nominated honorary captain for the playoffs, and raised the trophy. Black Ice finished as the first seed.

And as usual, Rob Mercier was called up to sit in for the Championship photo.


Voodoo 11/25/08 - Tues
Ryan Arrington, Jack King, Luis Carmona, Dennis McGonagle, Derek Cole,
Chris Doyle, Andrew Schaubhut,
Pat Gigante, Brian Fitzpatrick - G

It's been a while since we had a Tuesday Champion without any shenanigans.

The only player added to this 8-5-1 third place team was Pat Gigante after one of the new players never showed up for his 2nd season.

This playoff series included a 14-2 win over the lowly Ghost Riders. Fitzy played well in net, and now has way more Titles than AK.


Guitar Heroes 9/27/08 - Sat
Dennis McGonagle, Sean Sullivan, Gennero Coscia, Mark Younkers,
Ryan Rizzo, Jordan Smith,
Mark Dobrinksy, Dave Gardner,
Chris Spencer - G

The 9-2 Guitar Heroes brought the cup back to the Commish for the first time since May 2007, and the first time on Saturday since the 2006 Cubs.

They started and finished with pretty much the same 8 skaters.

Chris Spencer picked up another Title. We lost count how many he's won since the league started back in 1999.


Porterhouse 8/5/08 - Tues
Vinny Bianco, Steve Philbrook,
Joe Kennaley, Bill St. Pierre,
John Houlihan, Greg Smith,
Ernie Paradis, Mike Gaff,
Paul Botolino - G

They should have changed the name of this team to the Rhinos after their fourth player upgrade from the Tewksbury Rhinos team.

Porterhouse went 1-11-2 during the season, but Paul Botolino put together three solid playoff games as the last place team and their upgrades raised the trophy.

Or did they?  The Commish was sick and forgot to bring it. So Gaff supplied some big ass axe plaque.


Recon 5/17/08 - Sat
Sean Ciancarelli, Mike Mason,
Dave Martini, Jeremy Raymond,
Dan Armstrong, Brian Hurcome,
Mike Gaff, Jay Collins- G

We think the was the team that Jason Hurley drafted, then had to bail out after only a few games.

Dan Armstrong took over the team and righted the ship to victory.

Javier Soto subbed in for Mike Gaff as the playoff Downgrade.


Spiders 4/15/08 - Tues
Craig Morelli, Joe Mullen, Alex Nicolaou, Vinny Gingle, Matt Clark, Dan Gallotto, Dave Cunha, Chris Spencer - G

Dan Gallotto finally won his title as a captain, though it wasn't without controversy.

His "cousin" only made a handful of games, and that allowed Dan to double shift Joe Mullen for most of the season.

In the playoffs they were given Rob Mercier as a token Downgrade when the "cousin" stopped showing up. It didn't matter. The Spiders were victorious.

Spencer then retired from the Tuesday League again.


Black Cherries 1/26/08 - Sat
Dave Martini, John Seward, Greg Zall, Greg Martinez, Craig Murray, Jay Rizzo, Joe Furugori, Ken Plourde- G

Kenny South Park gets his Championship.

Mike Jones bailed out early in the season. We think Chappie was called in as a playoff sub. (Was Rob Mercier not available?)

The 4-10 Cherries put together a great playoff run to win it all that season.


Dogs 12/07/07 - Tues
Jarrad Glennon, Ricky Melanson,
Shane Lemay, Andrew Roy, Jeff Katz, Dennis McGonagle, Steve Chappie,
Kyle Stevenson, Rick Melanson - G

This was the "Andrew Roy" season.

Kyle's friend jumps in as a mid to low draft pick mid season, and tears up the league.

The Dogs go 11-3, Roy racks up 35 goals and 14 assists in the partial season.

Even with Chappie and Shane, this team was just way too strong.


Sting 9/22/07 - Sat
Mike McDonald, Steve Fabiano,
Jim Scanlon, Dan Schwager, Dan Collins,
Jeff Lupien Chris Spencer - G

The Saturday summer seasons are always an adventure.

The Sting had guys coming and going all season long. Then in the playoffs, they struggled to field enough to play.

Jeremy Raymond and Brian Marshall subbed in to give them enough to play and it was the right fit.


Russia 8/21/07 - Tues
Ray Khan, Craig Morelli, Gordie Campbell, Kerry Dowd, Pete Paperno, Matt Clark, Brian Marshall, Collin Currie
Brian Fitzpatrick - G

This Chris Baker picked team was in last place from the start.

They started off 0-8, that's when Baker and Martini both left the team to pursue other interests. They picked up Craig Morelli and Collin Currie and managed to go 3-3 down the stretch.

In the playoffs as the 8th seed, they knocked off all the top seeds and took home the title without Collin who missed the finals.


Warriors 6/30/07 - Sat
Chris Spuglio, Kevin Murphy, Jay Rizzo, Alex Nicolaou Terry O'Leary,
Steve Sobenko, Joe Depalo,
Jeremy Gallagher, Shane Lemay,
Jay Collins - G

It now makes four Saturday titles in a row for Frosty Collins and two in a row for Kevin Murphy.

This 6th place finisher had the road to the Cup paved nicely by the last place Celtics who knocked off the 1st place Jazz and the 2nd place Bobcats (who should have won it all).

Shane Lemay, Steve Sobenko, and Joe Depalo did not play in the 2nd week of the playoffs. Upgrade !!!


Daisy Cutters 5/01/07 - Tues
Dave Gardner, Mike McDonald,
Chris Moran, Wayne Vaters,
Scott Farber, Scott Tkachuk/Eric Higgins, Matt Stokey, Garret St. Onge
Barry Moore/Paul Botolino - G

This makes 3 Tuesday title in a row for Gardner, and he still hasn't stopped hearing about that.

This time there was no Chappie or Griffin Downgrade. Scott Tkachuk and Garret St. Onge both left late in the season, so Higgins was called in as was Rob Mercier. Mercier seems to make it a habit now to get into the Championship photos somehow.

The Cutters nearly blew it in round one, barely getting by the last place Bazookas 6-5. (That's the playoff game that Botolino played). Murf's Missiles and Baker's Bombs didn't put up much of a fight in the second round.


Gamecocks 2/24/07 - Sat
Don Cassel, Dave Martini, Ron Federico, Garrett St. Onge, Eric Higgins,
Kevin Murphy, Matt Spoerh,
Brad Linehan, Jay Collins - G


Matt Spoehr was in love, and left after the first week of playoffs. Mike Ferragamo broke a foot, and was replaced by Brad Linehan.

Murf had the flu, and Vinny Bianco subbed in for the last two playoff games.

The 12-2 Cornhuskers choked big time in the semis, losing 8-6 to the 7yh seeded Cocks. The Trojans all had the flu, and the Spartans and sub goalie Chris Spencer make short work in a 9-3 win.

The Title Game was great. A goal by Martini with 2:30 to go was the game winner in the 3-2 final. Jay Collins stopped Jay Rizzo on a penalty shot with 31 seconds left to preserve the win.


Huskies 1/09/07 - Tues
Dave Gardner, Scott Tkachuk,
Adam Muse, Kerry Dowd, Scott Fowler, Matt Stokey, Anthony Mendes,
Steve Chappie, Mike Mallery - G

This was supposed to be a team of headcases, and was.

Like the IceHogs, the Huskies went box to wire. Though this team took several Downgrades, including taking Steve Chappie. (which put Mike McDonald on the 2nd place team which choked in the first round)

Murf's Crusaders were picked to win it all, but they lost in the semis to the Badgers.

Rob Mercier subbed in the last two playoff games for 9th round pick Anthony Mendes. The Championship Game against Dennis' Badger team was a good one. The Huskies needed a goal by Gardner with 1:30 left to force OT.

Then in OT, with Chappie on the court, Moose set up Tkachuk for the winner, 6-5, after the ball hit Craig Murray in the skate, essentially he would have had a clear breakaway on Mallery.


Corvettes 10/14/06 - Sat
Eric Koz, Eric Higgins, Craig Murray, Mark Dakhlian, Nik Dulac, Alex Nicolaou, Lyle Carnahan, Jay Collins - G

Jack King subbed in just to give them a bad skater.

This was the beginning of Lyle Carnahan's defensive dominance in the EMRHL.


IceHogs 9/19/06 - Tues
Dave Gardner, Steve Farrell,
Vinny Bianco, Matt Zecchino,
Wayne Vaters, Scott Fowler,
Steve Philbrook, Jim Griffin,
Alek Kanevsky - G

Even taking Jim Griffin on the team, there was no stopping the IceHogs who pretty much went box to wire.

Cubs 6/24/06 - Sat
Adam Muse, Derek Cole, Mike Foley, Dave Gardner, Tim McDermott,
Mike Mallery, Dat Mai, Mike Jones,
Jay Collins - G

Moose goes all the way on Saturday with all original nine players.

It was the start of the Frosty Collins Dynasty in goal.


Parliament 5/02/06 - Tues
Dennis McGonagle, Joe Kennaley,
Steve Sheridan, Tim McGonagle,
Bryan Marshall, Matt Spoehr,
Jarrad Glennon, Chris Baker,
Alek Kanevsky - G

We think Sean Ciancarelli was traded away for Matt Spoehr, but it wasn't enough of a Downgrade to keep Parliament from winning it all.

We finally see AK's name on the trophy for Tuesdays.



Coyotes 3/04/06 - Sat
Eric Koz, Mike Conley, Jack King,
Garrett St. Onge, Dave Gardner,
John Morrison, Mark Dakhlian, Mike ???,
Erik Hajen - G

The Coyotes lost a ton of players during the last half of the season. Gardner, Dakhlian, and a new guy named Mike all finished out the season with the Dogs.

New guy Mike scored the GW in OT on Frosty in the Semi Finals.

Terry O'Leary was subbing for Garrett.

Gardner goes on a tear winning titles over the next calendar year.


Tazmanian Devils 12/27/05 - Tues
Dennis McGonagle, Sean Andrews, George Lachkey, Tim McGonagle, Drew Barclay, Shane Lemay, Barry Moore - G

Two players left with a few games left in the season, so their names don't appear.

One was involved with a worker's comp issue, and his name could not even appear on the website anywhere.

So Dennis took his best six skaters and won it all.


Heat Stroke 9/24/05 - Sat
Eric Koz, Ryan Rizzo, Craig Morelli, Kerry Dowd, Phil Bowley, Nik Dulac, Rick Guadioso, Bill Patricelli,
Jay Collins - G

Three in a row for Kerry Dowd. This prompts him to join the Tewksbury league where his team wins it all every season.

Bellagio 8/30/05 - Tues
Frank Pellegrini, Nick Leung, Kerry Dowd, Mark Wrench, Eric Koz, Tom Vadala, Steve Donahue, John Valdes,
Barry Moore - G

With Koz' guidance, Frank wins a Championship.

Taco Bell 6/18/05 - Sat
John Valdes, Sean Lawrence,
Martin Tokos, Ron Federico, Kerry Dowd, Paul Foley, Andrew Samel, Craig Morelli, Jay Brown - G

An Exxon team actually gets through a season with most of it's original members.

Lite Brite 4/26/05 - Tues
Kevin Murphy, Phil Oreto, Rob Moore, Jason Mastrorilli, Dan Gallotto, Jason Dilorenzo, Paul Riley, Jeremy Smith, Mike Strauss - G

Flying in the face of the previous season's horror show, known as the Muppet Show, Murf and the last place Lite Brite team refused any upgrades and went on to win it all.

This was Phil's only title so far, and he still talks about it to this day.


Jedi 3/12/05 - Sat
Sherwood Butler, Arnie Butler,
Mike Conley, Wayne Vaters,
Ernie Paradis, Ray Brillant,
Arnie Butler Jr., John Morrison,
Jay Brown - G

DJ was traded away for Arnie Jr. after amassing 10 goals and 6 assists with Conley.

George LB appears in the picture, but we think he was subbing for Wayne.

We think this was Woody's only Saturday Championship.


Muppet Show 12/21/04 - Tues
Jay Surrette, Eric Higgins, Justin George, George Lachkey, Eric Koz,
Pete Paperno, Jason Dilorenzo,
Rob Moore, Mike Mallery - G

Should have called this one the Horror Show, not the Muppet Show. There were atleast 4-5 serious upgrades for this team, and they still kept losing until the playoffs. We're not even 100% sure who the actual players were to finish the season for the Muppets.

Muppets win.. the team that was imploding by the end of the season takes the Higgy upgrade and wins it all. Surette looks like a genius for sandbagging for 4 months.

This was the beginning of the end for multiple upgrades.


Dr. Pepper 10/09/04 - Sat
Eric Koz, Marty Kane, Jim Kane,
Ken Roberts, George Lachkey,
Frank Pellegrini, Craig Morelli,
Martin Tokos, Alek Kanevsky - G

Looks like Vinny Gingle subbed in for George LB.

If we remember right, Frank and Koz missed the semi final game because of a fight with Woody and Morrison.


Llamas  8/17/04  - Tues
Blake Lanciani, Jay Weinberg,
Craig Marchionda, John Valdes,
Chris Cronin, Jeremy Smith,
Mark Wrench, Jay Collins - G

The team that wasn't supposed to win it, did.

The Anaconda gets his first EMRHL title, as does Wrench.

Three "Hotties" in the stands were going to flash us all if the Llamas won, but at the last seconds they all chickened out. Wrench still hasn't seen any titties.


Donkey Kong  6/26/04 - Sat
Pete Norton, Shane Lemay,
Jake Krajeski, Jason Rizzo, Ray Brillant, Steve Burdick, Bill Patricelli,
Jay Collins - G

AK subbed in for Frosty in the finals.

How good did Rizzo have to be to win this thing with Jake and Shane on the team.

Oh look, a Tuna sighting too.


Guinness 4/13/04 - Tues
Jason Hurley, Steve Tkachuk,
Kerry Dowd, Steve Burdick, Mike Parks, Jack Kacvinsky, Todd Mogielnicki,
Paul Botolino - G

Dowd ?  Botolino ?

Things just go down hill for the league from this point on.

And what is with all these Hurley titles ?


Swarm 2/21/04 - Sat
Mike McDonald, Bill St. Pierre,
Paul Swenson, Todd Mogielnicki,
Jack Kacvinsky, Andrew Esposito,
Pete Paperno, Jay Brown - G

This was one of our longest seasons, a 20 game regular season.

The 4th place 10-8 Swarm take the title.

Patriots 12/09/03 - Tues
Dave Barclay, Scott Tkachuk,
Joe Kennaley, Jim Walker, Luis Carmona, Joe Giaquinto, Eric DiRuzza,
Jason Hurley, Mike Mallery - G

Mallery wins the title as a goalie. Mallery goes from a defensemen on Mogul's
Steelers team to being traded to goalie for the patriots team, replacing Botolino.

Whole team bitches about getting a rookie goaltender (c'mon, Tkachuk bitch?) and he comes up huge in the finals against his old mates the Steelers. Finals were a smokeshow.

Luis is still the resident illegal alien on Tuesday nights.


Grape Nuts 10/04/03 - Sat
Jason Hurley, Tony Hester, Ernie Paradis, Dennis McGonagle, Chris Baker,
Dave Belisle, Jay Surrette, Chris Tarmey, Jay Brown - G

We think Dennis scored the game winning goal of the Championship Game in overtime.

Looks like Baker made this playoff game.


Nordiques 8/05/03 - Tues
Jay Surrette, Chris Spuglio, Pete Norton, Steve Donahue, Zac Macaro,
Jim DiGregorio, Jim Griffin,
Jason Dilorenzo, John Nunes - G

Griffin doesn't look so small on this team.

IceCats 6/28/03 - Sat
John Valdes, Dave Gardner,
Joe Kennaley, Bill St. Pierre, Jon Hussey, Chris Baker, Frank Pellegrini,
Barry Moore - G

Chris Baker didn't show up for the final playoff games.

Frank Pellegrini was added in the final week, as Exxon's IceCats had some players that stopped showing up late in the season.

The Moose, last seed, make it to the finals against the Icecats. Joe K. can't make the final game so JJ subs in and scores something like 5 goals. Game goes to OT where BSP beats Ken Tarr on a breakaway to win it.


Oilers 4/01/03 - Tues
Dave Gardner, Pete Norton,
Joe Kennaley, Jay Surrette, Jim White, Rich Sarro, Sean Ciancarelli, Jim Walker, Andrew Esposito, Bill Collins - G

Another Gardner-Sarro title.

Joe K. makes his EMRMHL Tuesday debut.  Cone gets his first cup.

Numerous player moves in this season if we recall correctly.


Tornadoes 2/08/03 - Sat
Eric Koz, Bill St. Pierre, Chris Spuglio, Mike McDonald, Vinny Gingle,
Matt Carpenter, Jay Bromander,
Brett Peabody, John Nunes - G

Moose's rookie captain season - took one of the nastiest teams ever drafted (and downgraded!) to the finals against Koz's stacked tornados team.. Was a close game until early in the 3rd when Chris Spuglio railroaded Frosty and he was hurt for the remainder.

The Dark Ages of Eric Koz begin.


Boardwalk Bullies 11/12/02 - Tues
Jim Johnson, Todd Mogielnicki,
Dennis McGonagle, Zac Macaro,
Mike McDonald, Eric Diruzza,
Matt Stokey, Dave Belisle,
Keith Evans - G

Johnson, Moguls, Dennis, McDonald, Stokey, no wonder Evans won the title.

We think this was the Championship Game against the Titans that went DEEP into OT, with Evans and Rob Kelly going save for save. Both teams were short guys, so the extra 14 minutes or so of Sudden Death had everyone playing and everyone exhausted at the end.

Luis' Titans cap off an amazing stretch run of the season by winning something like 8 of their last nine games by getting to the finals against Dennis' Bullies team. Huge back and forth game, ending up in what might be close to the longest overtime in EMRHL history. Kelly and Evans made some huge stops, Gilliespie and Moose both hit posts, and finally I think Dennis himself was able to put one in after about 16 minutes of overtime. Probably one of the best games ever in Saugus.


Bluesmen 9/28/02 - Sat
Jim Rosato, Bryan Marshall,
Sean Ciancarellli, Mike McDonald,
Pete Paperno, Craig Morelli,
Dave Sweeny, Mike Mallery,
Dan St. Pierre - G

Check out some of the names on this team. Marshall, McDonald, Paperno, Morelli, Mallery, all fairly new to the league at this point.

I'm not sure why, but we think we see Stokey in this Championship picture.



Puffin Dragons 7/23/02 - Tues
Eric Higgins, Jay Ryan, Todd Mogielnicki, Matt Belair, Joe Crowley, Mike Strauss, Doug Danoff, Jim Griffin, John Nunes - G

Strauss wins won as a skater.

And hey look, Jim Griffin is on this team, a young Griff.

The Shining 5/25/02 - Sat
Eric Higgins, Jay Ryan, Frank Pellegrini, Keith Pauletti, Dave Belisle,
John Morrison, Kevin Murphy,
John White, Chris Spencer - G

We think Murf was traded to this team late in the season.

That's My Dog 4/16/02 - Tues
Dennis McGonagle, Tim McGonagle, Scott Tkachuk, Gary Bamford,
Todd Mogielnicki, Mike Noone,
Andrew Esposito, Jim DiGregorio,
Chris Spencer - G

Two in a row for Tkachuk.

Heavy Metal 1/29/02 - Tues
Dave Barclay, Eric Higgins,
Dave Gardner, Matt Davis, Terry Andress, Scott Tkachuk, Mike Noone,
Tim McGonagle, Rob Kelly - G

Scott Tkachuk's first EMRHL title.

Motley Crue 1/26/02 - Sat
John White, Dave Belisle, Paul Swenson, Pete Norton, Chris Tarmey, John Nunes, Ernie Paradis, Bill St. Pierre,
Dan Leveilee - G

An influx of players from North Reading joined the league this season. Norton, Nunes, E-11 before he was E-11, and Chicken Tarm.

Due to a scheduling conflict with those guys, they had to play three games on the final day of the playoffs, and won all three.

Nunes of course was hurt, so we think Paul Swenson subbed in for them.

Dan Leveillee won the title in his only season playing goalie full time.


Suffering Bastards 10/16/01 - Tues
Steve Burdick, Jim Johnson,
Dave Gardner, Chris Mills, Jim Griffin, Rich Sarro, Jim DiGregorio, Lee Johnson, Dennis McGonagle, Rob Kelly - G

Captain Steve Burdick leads his team to the promised land.

Once again, when you see Rich Sarro's name, you see Dave Gardner's name.


Rolling Thunder 9/15/01 - Sat
John White, Bill St. Pierre, Derek Jones, Dan St. Pierre, Rich Russo,
Steve Burdick, Luis Carmona,
Scott Sagarra, Chris Spencer - G

There were now five teams in the Saturday League. We ran two games with a bye week for the fifth team.

This was our longest ever season to this point, running from May to September.

John White kept picking Bill St. Pierre, though Billy hated it.


Floating Logs 8/7/01 - Tues
Eric Higgins, Dave Gardner,
Tim McGonagle, Rich Sarro,
Jim DiGregorio, Jay Fraser, Chris Mills, Jason Dilorenzo, Keith Evans - G

Eventually the Tuesday night games moved to 9pm and 10pm and then 8pm and 9pm. Many times all four teams would head to the Big Dog on Route 1 for refreshments after the games.

Keith Evans picks up his first EMRHL title, after breaking his finger in the first game of the first Tuesday season.

We also see J Lo's name on this team.


Red Tide 5/22/01 - Tues *
Dennis McGonagle, Luis Carmona,
Dave Sweeny, Dave Belisle, Jay Fraser, Tim McGonagle, Jim DiGregorio,
Bill St. Pierre, Chris Spencer - G

After several months of playing on Saturday only, a new Tuesday league began in the spring of 2001. It originally started with just four teams, playing two games at 10pm and 11pm.

We think Jay Fraser was the captain of this team.

SEASON STATS  -  First Tuesday Season*

Mighty Drunks 4/28/01 - Sat
Mike Noone, Dave Gardner,
Rich Sarro, John Morrison,
Jack Copley, Dennis McGonagle,
Chris Spencer - G

Some new kid named Dennis McGonagle was called on the phone sight unseen during the draft to join the Drunks, and he ended up scoring a boat load of goals in the finals.

Rich Sarro couldn't make the finals, leaving the team with five skaters.

In a twist, Dan St. Pierre subbed in for Chris Spencer in the final playoff games.


This was the first season with the five new sets of Beverly Roller Hockey uniforms by Force Sports. We used the purple set of jerseys into 2007.

Thrashers 12/23/00 - Sat *
James Carter, Rich Russo, Scott Liporto, Bill St. Pierre, Mike McKenna,
Luis Carmona, Jay Mello,
Dan St. Pierre - G

This was the first season inside at Hockeytown. Games were played Saturday mornings.

James "Bus" Carter finally gets his name on the trophy, being one of the only players left from the outside days that never won it.

Chris Spencer subbed in for St. Pierre in the final playoff games.


First Saturday Season * - First Hockeytown Season *

Flames 10/25/00 - Weds
Dave Belisle, Steve Sheridan,
Bill St. Pierre, Dan Leveilee, Jon Glidden, Gregg Mosher, Dan St. Pierre - G


The final season played outdoor at the cage in Beverly. A youngster by the name of Dan St. Pierre backboned the Flames in net.

The finals had to be postponed a couple of times due to rain and bad weather. It was late in October, and the 25th was the last chance to finish the season outside, or the final playoff games would have been played inside at Hockeytown.

It turned out to be the last game every played at the Cage in Beverly, and it was freezing outside. The scorekeepers sat in a running truck the whole night with the wire sticking out the window.

Penguins 8/30/00 - Weds
Mike Noone, Eric Higgins, Dave Barclay, Zac Macaro, Scott Liporto, Jon Glidden, Chris Spencer - G

Red Wings 7/5/00 - Weds
Tom Beaulieau, Dave Gardner,
Luis Carmona, Dan Leveilee,
Jack Copley, Steve Sheridan,
Jon Glidden, Chris Spencer - G
Finally one of the last original goalies gets a Championship.
Flyers  5/17/00 - Weds
Eric Higgins, Shawn Mello, Mike Noone, Terry Andress, Steve Burdick,
Jack Copley, Jay Brown - G
This was the start of year two. We tried to start playing in March, but it was real cold and we even got snow, which forced a few cancellations.

Steve Burdick, one of the first non-original members gets his name on the trophy.

Bruins 10/27/99 - Weds
Derek Jones, Dave Gardner, Jack Copley, Dave Belisle, Terry Andress,
John Morrison, Ed Goodwin - G

We found the team photo for this one in December 2009 on a floppy disk in the basement.
Bruins  9/23/99 - Weds
Derek Jones, Jay Fraser, Zac Macaro, Tom Beaulieau, Jay Mello, John Glidden, Mike Strauss - G

Strauss earned this one from what we can remember.


Sabres  7/28/99 - Weds
John White, Dave Gardner, Zac Macaro, Gary Bamford, John Morrison,
Eric Higgins, Jay Brown - G

After taking the first season off to run the league, Dave Gardner got some ref help, and was able to play in this the 2nd season. The Sabres finished in 2nd place. The Whalers were once again the best team, but they were upset in the playoffs by the 4th place Bruins. The Sabres barely got by the Canadiens in round one 2-1.

Zac Macaro won a faceoff in the final minute, and raced past a frozen Jay Fraser and scored into the empty net to seal the title game. Eric Higgins was away in Las Vegas, and the Sabres got NO SUB for him, yet still won.

Whalers  6/9/99
Dave Belisle, Tim Lewis, George Dixon, Tom Beaulieau, Terry Andress,
Artie Atkinson - G

This was the first ever season. All games were played on Wednesday nights OUTSIDE at the "Cage" in Beverly by the water. The season's were only six games long, then one week playoffs. There were four teams of six skaters back in those days. Trades were made nearly on a weekly basis.

Artie was around 51 years old and was the winning goaltender. One player was added to the team late in the season but never showed up, so his name does not appear.