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turday Top News - Week 3 and no games on July 4th

The black Dogs got win number one on Saturday, handing the Ox a 9-4 loss. The Roosters also got win number one with an 8-7 shootout win over the Monkeys. The Tigers, Goats, Snakes, and Pigs were also winners on Saturday.


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SATURDAY GAMES  June 27, 2015

RATS     4   F

The 2-0 Rats took on the 2-0 Goats. Jon Hafer and Steve Smith combined for all six of the Goat goals in the win.

The winners also went 2 for 3 on the powerplay.

The Rats got 3 goals from Matt Mahoney, who had a slow start to the day. And with only one Kelley, there wasn't enough filth for a win.

Game boxscore here

DOGS   9
OX         4   F

The Dogs were looking for win number one here in week 3 and they got it, holding Quigg to just one assist on the morning.

After a 2-2 first period, the Dog eeked out a 5-4 lead after two.  In the third they exploded for 4 goals while Mills stopped all 10 Dog shots for the win.

Sean Sullivan did not play and is still winless this season.

Game boxscore here

PIGS           17
HORSES     6   F

The 0-2 Pigs took on the 0-2 Horses. A top former EMRHL star called out sick, and well...

The Horses big upgrade called in sick on Saturday, and that left them with Matt Clark as a sub. It didn't go well.

Caeren, Rizzo, Swanson, and even Krueger and Cadigan all had goals as they ran up the score to the slaughter rule.

Game boxscore here

TIGERS       8

The best team on paper keeps playing like the best team, though they had to come from behind to win it.

Mike Caggiano comes along once or twice a season and has a big game, and today was that day. He had four goals including an EN at the end to seal the win.

The Dragons had a 6-3 lead going into the third, but the rookie captain was outcoached by the wiley vetran captain.

Game boxscore here


The Roosters badly needed a win. It was 4-4 after one, though it felt like the Roosters were the better team.

After alot of cockle doodle doos in the 2nd and 3rd, they found themselves trailing 7-6 with a couple of minutes left. Top draft pick Tony LaVerde tied the game with 1:44 left

In the shootout, tired sub goalie Phelan stopped all 3 Monkey shooters, even Mark Herlihy who already had two goals. Mike DeMarco finally scored to get the Roosters the win.

Game boxscore here


The day ended with a pair of 2-0 teams in the Low Mein going down to the wire.

Much like Caggiano, McGovern steps up once or twice a season to help his team win a game. He netted 3 while assuming the sub captain role for the Snakes.

The Rabbits were missing Fowler and Puopolo, and missing that 1.75 goals per game is perhaps what cost them in a one goal loss.

Game boxscore here

Stars of the week

First Star Second Star Third Star
Mark Herlihy - Monkeys

A pair of goals for Mark H. this week as he toyed with Mark Dakhlian all game long.
Mike DeMarco - Roosters

A huge goal in the shootout for Mike to get the Roosters a much needed win.
Steve Smith - Goats

A powerplay goal and an empty netter to seal the win this week. What has this guy eating for breakfast lately?

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