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turday Top News - All games but one was close

Mark Fuery and Alex Nicolaou battle for the ball around center court in the Wild Samoans 9-5 win on Saturday. It was the only game of the day which was decided by more than two goals.


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SATURDAY GAMES  March 28, 2015

DEMOLITION              7

It was the white vs red game. After Richards put the Warriors up 1-0 after one, it was the Joe Duffy show.

He scored 5 times in the final two periods to lead an otherwise offensiveless Demolition team to a 7-5 win.

New guy John Rudenauer had a goal for the Demos as well. We think Sewie did too.

Richards finished with 4 of the 5 Warriors goals while Chris McKiel continues to struggle this season.

Boxscore here

BOLSHEVIKS        5   F

The Viks were without Caeren again, but luckily Dave Niemi was around to sub in.

Despite the mismatch on paper, it was a close game the entire way. Josh Heavern had 3 and Tyler Bova had 3 for the Wackers.

The GWG came with just 4:00 to play as Sopp and Phelan went save for save.

Phelan actually stuffed Liam late in the game to preserve the win for the Wackers. Liam finished with 4 goals. Justin Perry had one goal but otherwise did not play well.

Boxscore here


The only game of the day that was decided by more than a goal or two.

Sean Sullivan didn't stink at hockey on this day, he had six goals to lead the Samoans to the 9-5 win.

They needed them all with Jordan and Burge playing like crap.

For the MP's Cam Lemay once again carried the Lemay/Cole line. Meanwhile Woody seems lost this season. He better find his groove before the playoffs in a few weeks.

Boxscore here

DX                                 9   F

A bizarre game in which DX was in firm control, until they weren't.

DX owned the first half of the game, but then rolled over in true DX fashion, blowing a 7-2 lead and falling 11-9.

Luke Tremblay had six goals to lead the Express, while sub Adam Karas played great defense for the light blue team.

Mikey Barry had a goal for DX as he continues to improve in his inaugural season.

Boxscore here

NWO                             6   FOT

After a great game, Millsy pulled a fast one on NWO by sending out his best guy in the last round of the shootout to get the extra point.

Even Quigg wouldn't do something like that. This game was close the entire way and was finally tied at 6-6 when Mike Gaff used some Gaff Fu to score on a long screen shot with about 1:42 to play.

In the shootout sub captain Ben Corman sent out the regular players to take the shots. Mill stopped all 5 of them. Parky stopped the first 4 shooters, but on the final shot Mills sent out Hafer and he scored to get HF the bonus point.

Boxscore here

THE BROOD                    7

It was the 5th game of the day to be decided by a goal or two.

With Tony subbing for Todd, it looked like an easy win for the ND's. But without Tyrone in his way, Fowler was able to score five times to lead the Brood to the win and first place overall on Saturdays.

Neither Grasso nor Hayes were particularly good in net, only making the saves that any other Saturday goalie would make.

Boxscore here

Stars of the week

First Star Second Star Third Star
James Kim - Natural Disasters

Would not let Scott Fowler get around him, not even once.
Sean Sullivan - Wild Samoans

Maybe he doesn't stink at hockey.
Six goals for Sully in the 9-5 win.
Joe Duffy - Demolition

Goes old school Duff with 5 goals in the Demos
7-5 win over the Warriors.

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