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turday Top News - Tigers clinch overall top playoff seed

The Tigers skated by the Dogs 6-4 on Saturday, and that clinched the top playoff seed for them. The Monkeys have a one point lead over the Goats for the number two seed, and they will meet on September 12 to decide that.


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SATURDAY GAMES  August 29, 2015

RATS             5   F

The Roosters clinched 2nd place in the Lo Mein division with the win. The Rats fall all the way into the baseent.

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Game boxscore here

RABBITS    6   F

The Monkeys maintain a one point lead in the Chow Mein division with the win. The Rabbits fall back into 4th in the Lo Mein.

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Game boxscore here

GOATS     12
SNAKES   3   F

The 2nd place Goats got a win, but still trail the Monkeys by one point in the Chow Mein division.

The Snakes had a pair of Estrelas sub in to no avail. More soon...

Game boxscore here

HORSES      9   FOT

Even with a sub goalie the Horses gave up 10 goals. Chris McKiel was the hero scoring the GWG in the shootout.

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Game boxscore here

DOGS    4   F

The Tigers skated by the struggling Dogs and clinched the overall top seed. The Dogs have lost 5 in a row, all by 3 or less goals.

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Game boxscore here

OX      9
PIGS  7   F

The Ox got a full team effort and got by the depleted Pigs. Dave Krueger is Rob Richards with a beard.

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Game boxscore here

Stars of the week

First Star Second Star Third Star
Chris Mckiel - Dragons

One of only 2 skaters that showed up, he scored 2 goals in regulation and the GWG in the SO.
Young Paik - Tigers

Had three goals and nearly had a fourth, if the net was another 3 feet wider.
Craig Perry - Roosters

A terrific shot by Craig in the first period got the other team on the board.

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