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What is up is down and what is left is right, as the Maple Leafs Mark Dakhlian leads the league in scoring after two weeks.  Scores below.


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SATURDAY GAMES - October 18, 2014

KINGS                 12

The Blackhawks rolled into the the first game of the day with hopes of win number one. Same for the Kings, as both teams lost close games last week.

Greg Wood got off to a fast start scoring 3 times in the first as the Kings grabbed a 4-1 lead.

In the 2nd it got ugly. The Kings scored 5 times, and this included goals by Kevin Phillips and Pete Simetti if the scoresheet is right.

In the third Woody scored two more and Simetti added his 2nd of the game. Pete said he was going to text Rob Richards ASAP to tell him the good news.

Game Boxscore here


The Maple Leafs lucked out with the odd team schedule and drew two games in the 9am slot.

The Blackhawks played better in this game, as apparently they need a game to warm up.

It was 1-1 after one, but the 2nd period was all offense. The Leafs scored 6 times while the Hawks scored 4. The Hawks though ran out of gas in the third, this allowed guys like Dakhlian and LaVerde to pick up some garbage time goals. Dakhlian now leads the league in scoring, WTF ???

Game Boxscore here

STARS      7

The Stars were literally missing half their team, so top pick LaVerde subbed for top pick Hafer.

Despite going 1 for 13 on breakaways, the Stars still had more than enough offense to win a game against a team with Kevin McGovern playing like Jim Griffin.

They took a 3-0 lead into the 2nd, parlayed that into a 6-1 lead after two. Barry Moore broke the shutout.

The third was a good period for the Sharks, as they outscored the Stars finally, but the hole had been dug.

Game Boxscore here

SABRES         12

The Canadiens looked to make it 2 in a row but were stopped at the border by the Sabres.

Scott Fowler, fresh off a Title last season, had five goals for the Sabres, who were wearing their away gold jerseys.

Former teammate Chris Kuzyk had no answer for the Canadiens, and neither did Jim Caeren, who picked up almost as many penalties as he had goals.

Liam scored two big goals in the final 1:11 to run up the score.

Game Boxscore here


The Isles did it without Chris Mahoney this weekend, as they instead got 3 goals form Mike Susi in the 7-3 win.

After jumping out to a 3-0 lead, the Guins had a strong 2nd period to get within one at 4-3.

That was all the Guin scoring though, as Sopp wasn't great, but was good enough in net to get the orange team the win.

Chris McKiel had a strong game for the Penguins, scoring twice on the Richards line. We think the Penguins win if they have McHugh in net instead of sub Grasso.

Game Boxscore here

BLUES               3

The Blues showed up with 2 skaters and a goalie. The Predators were missing a pair of Snows, and Hayes was allowed the first sub choice.

He chose Susi and gave the Blues both Liam, Martini, Jeff Katz and Conlin. Smart choice.

Hayes got to sit back and watch this one as the Predators trounced the Blues and their subs by running out to a 5-1 lead and never looking back. Mike Cagginao is shining now that he's got a solo career, he scored 4 goals and is first star of the week.

Game Boxscore here

Stars of the week

First Star Second Star Third Star
Mike Caggiano - Predators

Had 4 goals this week and could be the steal of the draft now that  he's gone solo.
Pete Simetti - Kings

Did he really have two goals on Saturday?
He doesn't have two goals in his career. We gotta check this out.
Rob, get on this will ya?
Mark Dakhlian - Maple Leafs

Had 4 or 5 goals, we lost count. Anyway, he leads the league in scoring, the bum.

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