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It's a three way race to decide the Intercontinental Division, and it all comes down to next Saturday as the Wild Samoans, Bolsheviks, and Mega Powers are all within one point of each other. Ironically, all three play the other three division foes, with the Samoans controlling their own destiny.


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SATURDAY GAMES  April 25, 2015

ORIENT  EXPRESS           4   F

The ND"s were outshot, outplayed, and outcoached, but were not outscored as they clinched 2nd place in the Hardcore Division.

Hayes needed to stand on his head again. as the stacked Express team came at him hard and heavy. It was 3-2 after two, then the ND's finally got some offense from the "good" guys as they outscored the tired light blue team 4-2 in the final period for the win.

Derek Jones subbed in and had 3 assists to lead all Express scorers. Kuze had 2 goals and 3 assists to lead the ND's.

Boxscore here

WILD SAMOANS          6   F

The Wild Samoans were looking to wrap up the Intercontinental Division but they didn't count on McGovern and Hafer combining to score 7 times.

This cost them a shot at the number one playoff seed, and now has the number two playoff seed in jeopardy. They need to beat the Bushwackers next week to clinch that, or have both the Mega Powers and Bolsheviks lose.

Joe Estrela subbed in and had a pair of goals proving that it's not Sully but rather the number 44 jersey that has all the magic. Gaff had one goal, but it was a big one.

Boxscore here

NWO                        5   F

NWO had nothing to play for and it showed. They could fall all the way to 12th place next week with a loss and a Demolition win. Dakhlian did try though scoring three, but it wasn't enough.

Bova had most of the Bushwacker goals as he usually does, but they needed 4 goals in the third to get the win as goalie Garrett hasn't been playing well lately.

Tom Grasso subbed in for Rizzo and had one assist, that's one more point than Quigg had.

Boxscore here


This win by the Viks has created a log jam in the Intercontinental Division. Three teams now are within a point of each other with just one game remaining.

Chris Hersey had his first goal in forever as he helped the Viks get an important win. Ernie had a goal and alot of assists.

For the MP's, Woody figured in all six goals, but still trails Fowler by one point in the scoring race.

Boxscore here

DX                            10

A crazy game and probably the worst game of the day all at the same time. With the loss the Road Warriors have cemented 3rd place in the Hardcore Division.

Goals came early and often for both teams, with DX holding off a late Road Warriors stampede to get the win.

Daniel Piasecki's PPG with 8:55 left was the game winner. Andrew Benoit had 4 sub goals for the RW's in the loss.

Boxscore here


The Brood wrapped up the top playoff seed with this win and the Wild Samoan loss at 9am. But more importantly Scott Fowler took a one point lead in the scoring race.

Only 3 of the Demo skaters showed up as this team is falling apart worse than the Orient Express. Neither sub Derek Jones or Mike Barry were much help.

Rookie goalie Tom Hollyday once again played great, but once again got shelled in net for the Demos. Grasso was fair at best at the other end.

Boxscore here

Stars of the week

First Star Second Star Third Star
Scott Fowler - The Brood

Shaky had 7 points and with one week left has a one point lead in the scoring race.
Chris Hersey - Bolsheviks

Scored his first goal since lobsters were $4.99 a pound.
Daniel Piasecki- DX

Scored a pair including the GWG to lead DX to their third win in a row.

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