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Saturday trades still planned
We were hoping to make some trades right away, but they have been delayed a couple of days while the Commish gets healed up.

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The EMRHL now offers online payment. You can use either your PayPal account or regular credit card by using the link below to pay your league fees.

The Saturday League had 3 blowouts and 2 shootout games.

9am and the Rubber Ducks couldn't stay afloat, as the Spike drilled them good 15-2.

10am and it took 3 goals from Dave Krueger, the last one in a shootout, as the Flying Squirrels got past the Muck Dogs 8-7.

11am who let Woody sub? Five sub goals led the Diggers to the 9-3 win over the Pelicans.

12noon finally a game without Parkinson playing goal. The Snappers are no longer winless with a huge 11-2 win over the lowly Barons.

1pm was the game of the day between the Jammers and Green Jackets. A last second save by McHugh forced a shootout, where Cam B. scored the GWG in round 4.

Mike Parkinson

Played 3 games on Saturday in a row.

Tuesday night had a championship game preview, and the final winless team got a win.

7pm kicked off with a decent game as ABG and Sully's Tap faced off. Ironically each team claimed they were screwed out of a clear goal, so it all worked out. ABG takes it 7-5.

8pm was the Title Game preview between the Fours and Black Rose. A PPG with 2:00 to play by Gratz got BR the 6-5 win.

9pm saw the Green Dragon get their first win. Only one sub was needed too. They picked up a 6-4 victory over Hong Kong.

10pm and each team had 4 subs. Luckily it didn't come down to the subs as Moose scored the tying goal, then the GWG in the SO for the 7-6 Harp win over Grand Canal.

Justin Guimond

He and the Green Dragon are winless no more.

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