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Tuesday Top News   


When you get traded from 8th place to 7th place

Mike Callahan will take it, we guess. A few weeks ago he was traded from the 8th place McDouble team to the 7th place Quarter Pounders.

"I'm one step closer to the top," said a positive Callahan. "And I don't have to play with Mahoney anymore."

Season cost $210 for skaters, $105 for goalies. 

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 TUESDAY GAMES  November 29, 2016

MCDOUBLE     4   F

Neither team had a captain, so both teams were sailing without a rudder. It was closer than we thought, as the last place McDoubles kept it close with the Fish.

Ironically it was a powerplay goal by Craig Morelli, yeah that Morelli, with 6:15 left that was the insurance goal and the nail in the coffin. Mahoney had one goal, again.

Game Stats

MCGRIDDLE                    5   F

The first place Shakes kept the train rolling, with Zall and Dennis Bertocchi doing most of the pulling.

A 10 goal effort over a struggling McGriddle team keeps the Shakes on top in the Tuesday league.

Game Stats

MCRIB                             10

The QP's fell behind 7-1 after one, but cut the lead to 9-6 after two periods. That's when the gas ran out.

Garrett Phelan shutout the QP's in the third to preserve the win. McRib is in 2nd place, just a point behind the Shakes and the Happy Meals.

Game Stats

BIG MACS            8   F

The Happy Meals have now won 4 in a row and hold a share of first place with the Shakes.

After a 3-2 first period, the goals came fast and furious. When the dust settled, Mullen and Co. skated away with the easy win.

Game Stats

This Week's Scapegoat

This week's Goat Award is given to part time Quarter Pounder player Tim Ted Logue.

After returning prematurely from a horrific toe injury, last week he lit things up, helping his team to a 15 goal outburst.

This week he was back to the 9th round pick he is. He had more collisions with teammates than he had points. (See also Mahoney)

Stars of the week

First Star Second Star Third Star
Craig Morelli - Filet of Fish

He ended his holdout this week, and returned to pick up a goal and two assists for the Fish.
Eric Higgins - McRib

Nice job picking up another HUGE win on Tuesday, making the next round of trades much easier to figure out.
Dave Barclay - McRib

Goals, assists, backchecking, he had it all for a full period before he got tired.