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Tuesday Top News


Risk rolls again

Timmy Sniffles Logue shoots wide of the net during the easy 11-5 win for Risk on Tuesday. They have scored 28 goals in just two games and lead the Tuesday League in almost every category.

Season cost $210 for skaters, $105 for goalies.  Conveniently pay online.
All Players should have half the season paid in at this point.

League Fee amount

 TUESDAY GAMES  March 24, 2015

STRATEGO              9

The Hippos haven't won, but they tied last week then lost by just a goal this week.

It was 4-4 after one and then 8-7 after two as the Estrela less Stratego team held a slim lead with 17 to play. Conlin's 5th goal of the game with 10:17 to play put the blue team up 9-7.

Dakhlian scored with 1:21 left on a nice pass from opponent Murf. But goalie Jim Celeste held the fort in the final minute to get Stratego the win.

Video here of the final minute: 


Game boxscore

RISK                                     11

It was the top two teams on paper at 8pm. Boston Sand & Gravel had made a delivery earlier in the day, but to which bench ?

Risk ran out to a 4-1 lead after one and it was still close after two at 5-3.

But with Karas on the bench in the third, he watched Vinny and Co. reel off six straight goals to walk away with an 11-5 win.

Mike Barry subbed for Chutes but was as bad as Bova Fett was.

Everyone on Risk had atleast one point, and that should continue next week when they are rumored to be playing Zuke's Hippos.

Game boxscore

TROUBLE        6

Trouble won last week, Battleship tied. After one it was 1-1 and it seemed like nobody wanted to win this one.

But in the 2nd sub Mahoney scored a pair and Moose scored a rare goal and that was enough of a cushion for AK and his solid defensive team.

Gratz added a couple of insurance goals in the 3rd, both unassisted.

Jay Frasca and Dave Barclay had the Battleship goals. Yup.

Game boxscore

YAHTZEE        3   F

Both teams lost last week to good teams. This week we sorted the wheat from the white.

Giving up 10 goals was a vast improvement for Yahtzee who gave up 17 last week. Most of the damage came in the 2nd and 3rd periods as it was 1-1 after one before the flood gates opened.

Dave Niemi, Ed Cain, and sub RVB had all the Yahtzee goals. Derek Cole had one assists and has an uphill climb to lead the league in points this season.

Lucas had 6 goals for Monopoly and no assists.

Game boxscore

This Week's Scapegoat

This week's Goat Award is given to Hungry Hippos not so hungry player Eric Higgins.

We weren't even sure if he played this week. His team lost a tight 9-8 game, and he was harder to find than Karas in the third period.

Higgy needs to show more emotion like Ace Burdick does. Otherwise it's going to be another long Griffin type of season for Sir Higgins.

Stars of the week

First Star Second Star Third Star
Randy Cip - Stratego

Had 3 assists, all while playing defense.

Dave Barclay - Battleship sub

Yes one of the original players has been subbing in on Tuesday nights. He had a nice goal on AK this week.
Dave Niemi - Yahtzee

Accounted for 1/3 of his team's goals on Tuesday night.