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Tuesday Top News

Release him Vader
Terry Patsel tried to use the powers of the Dark Side on Derek Cole, but in the end, Cole and the Goonies would tie it with 17 seconds left and win it in the shootout on a Randy Cip goal in the final round. In other action, Top Gun and Aliens both ran up the score in their games.

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 TUESDAY GAMES  August 25, 2015

TOP GUN     10

Last week Robocop 17'd the Goonies. This week they got their ass kicked by a Zuke team. And we've already forgot about Mike Gio's shot into this own net.

With Josh in for Zall, and Tony more than willing to pad his own stats, Top Gun showed no mercy on poor Mike Barry and the Robocops.

It was 3-0 after one and 6-0 after two as Barry Moore went after the shutout. A goal by Mike Barry midway through the third would be the Reason y he didn't get that shutout.

Ace Burdick was not in attendance for this one. Both teams are now 3-5 and just a Ghostbusters away from last place.

Game stats here

ROCKY        9   OT

Rocky got 3 goals from their new upgrade Bobby C., but it wasn't enough. The Goonies who were rattled for 17 goals against last week, held Rocky to just one goal in the first, and had a 6-4 lead headed into the third.

Finally though Rocky rallied in the third and had a 9-8 lead in the dying seconds. But a nifty bank shot from behind the net by Derek Cole with 17 seconds left would force a shootout.

In Bonus Hockey Sopp and Shaun John went great save for great save. Either one could have been one of the weekly stars. Finally on the last and final shot, Cip would slip the ball behind Sopp to give the Goonies the extra point.

Game stats here

ALIENS       10

The Aliens avenged a 12-2 week 5 loss by running it up on the once proud Platoon team.

Platoon was bad, in fact they were Bovabad (tm). Nothing worked. Not even Quigg would have helped this team.

The only celebrations and high fives were from the Aliens team, except Murf, he was Angry Murf again. Estrela was red hod and Smack was blocking shots like he was a tennis player.

Both teams are now 5-3 and tied for 2nd place, though they are both headed in opposite directions. That being said, a Jim Griffin team is still in 2nd place, atleast for the next 7 days.

Game stats here


The top team played the bottom team, who had the Courtenay upgrade.

The Shack needed a Jeff Lupien goal in round 5 of the shootout to win it. So maybe the Tuesday night parity is back.

Case and point, Vinny Gingle had two of the four goals in regulation for the Shack, while Mahoney could barely scratch out a single goal on fill in goalie Jim Celeste.

Mahoney was unusually quiet after this one. The Busters remain in last place while Griffin is in 2nd place. Food for thought.

Caddyshack remains in first place at 7-1.

Game stats here

This Week's Scapegoat

This week's Goat Award is given to Platoon last round pick Ed Cain.

Not only did he refuse the shoot the ball whenever he had it alone in the slot, but he then viciously went after one of the Aliens players in the corner, prompting a barrage of expletives and general disarray for the rest of the game.

Not even captain Adam Karas could control Mr. Cain, and his future on the Platoon team is very much in doubt.

Stars of the week

First Star Second Star Third Star
Jeff Lupien - Caddyshack

Had the GWG in the shootout. Talk about under pressure.
Randy Cip - Goonies

Not know for his scoring, he cashed in during the final round of the shootout to get his team for the win.
Brian Estrela - Aliens

When he's on his game, he's better than Teddy Logue.
Tuesday night he was on his game.