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Tuesday News

Sopp subs and gets Sully's an easy win
Jay Sopp was a last minute sub goalie, and after a mediocre first couple of periods, he held the Green Dragon to just one goal in the third, that allowed his team to rally and get the win.


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All Players should have half the season paid in at this point.

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 GAME RESULTS  September 30, 2014


Everyone showed up for the Canal, even Jake and CJ. That usually means a GC win, and it did.

An injured Rob Richards scored 3 in the first as the orange team ran out to a 7-1 lead. The rest of the game they played the keep away from Estrela game.

GC goalie Ryan Hayes made just enough key saves to keep the orange team from completely blowing the huge lead.

The Commish picked up his first and second goal of the season, thanks to Spuglio for pointing that out. Not really.

Game boxscore here

ABG 6  HARP 3   F

It should be win number 10 and it was. Ed Cain had a strong game for his new team, scoring a pair and almost making a pass to Vinny Bianco in the 2nd period.

It was 1-1 after one and 4-2 after two as the Harp managed to keep this close.

But a huge collision at center between Moose and Kyle sounded as bad as it looked. That pretty much ended any chance of a rally by the navy team.

Karas and co. improve to a ridiculous 10-1. How did we allow this to happen ?

Game boxscore here


Hong Kong is the worst team on paper, but the best worst team on paper in the league.

And they are even better when Philbrook doesn't show up and Vinny Gingle runs the team. VG had a couple of goals to lead the white team to the win.

Meanwhile The Count can't get anyone to show up for the Black Rose team. Perhaps he needs a bigger coffin.

Game boxscore here


The Dragon had themselves a 5-3 lead in the 2nd as they were a stride ahead of the Tap team.

But a horrible collapse late in the 2nd and a disastrous third period had the green team on the wrong end of a 13-6 loss.

Sully's continues to win every other week. No joke, look at their last few games.

Game boxscore here

This Week's Scapegoat

This week's Goat Award is given to Fours defenseman Steve Burdick.

Yea he had a nice goal this week, but he really needs to step up and take control over his team.

With the "top" players struggling with fatigue from 9 minute shifts, and leadership nonexistent, it's the perfect time for this former captain to step in and right the ship of the best team on paper.

Instead he chooses to look forward to beverages after the game.

Stars of the week

First Star Second Star Third Star
Vinny Gingle - Hong Kong

A couple of goals as he keeps improving. May need a new picture soon though.
Rob Richards - Grand Canal

Playing through the pain, he scored 3 times in the first to put away the Fours.
Kevin McGovern - Hong Kong

Not usually known for his playmaking, he had 4 assists.