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Tuesday Top News

Captain of the Month Mike Barry led Champion to another win
Mike Barry and the first place Champion team rolled to another win this week. They have a big matchup coming up with Adidas for sole possession of first place.

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 TUESDAY GAMES  November 24, 2015

CCM          8

The Count somehow moved his CCM team into a tie for 3rd place. This was most likely due to the fact the Reebok just played flat out awful. Even the usually reliable Dennis looked more like Murf than he did himself.

It didn't help that Spuglio was already 9 hours into his birthday celebration. Hopefully somebody got him a new pair of hands.

Estrela scored whenever he felt like it for CCM and new guys Dan "Jerry" Springer and Shawn McCarthy each had goals too.

Game stats here

CROCS         6   F

Champion rolls while the Crocs troll.

Captain of the Month Mike Barry and his gold team ran out to a 6-2 first period lead and never looked back.

"Our game plan was to score some early goals and just watch them implode," said Barry.

The plan worked, though the Crocs got within 9-6 in the third before the offense sputtered out.
Higgins had six goals and barely missed the stars list.

Game stats here

FILA                          9

Under Armour improves to 0-5 after this loss.

"It's right where I expected us to be after five weeks," said Vinny Bianco.

UA has a habit of digging a big hole, then putting on a late rally, only to have the clock run out just as they're getting it in gear. This week was no different.  Rob McHugh gets his first win as the new Fila goalie.

Game stats here

NIKE        3   F

Adidas remains tied with Champion for first place after this close win.

Garrett Phelan was spoon fed all night long by Tyler Bova and Rob Richards, as Phelan scored all 4 goals in the win.

An unusually low scoring game for a Tuesday night, maybe it was just to close to Thanksgiving for these guys.

Game stats here

This Week's Scapegoat

This week's Goat Award is given to Reebok captain Dennis McGonagle.

This may be his first time wearing the horns.

He had a tough game this week, turning the ball over in his own zone more times than Murf usually does. He never got in the "Dennis" groove and in the end got outcoached by The Count in an 8-5 loss.

On the plus side, he's 2nd in line for the Estrela Sweepstakes next season.

Stars of the week

First Star Second Star Third Star
Garrett Phelan - Adidas

Scored all four goals in the 4-3 win.
Mike Callahan - Fila

He could be the best last round pick in the league.
A goal and two assists this week.
Rob McHugh - Fila

Picked up a win in his first official game with Fila.