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Tuesday Top News


Battleship wins !!!

It took six weeks, but finally Battleship is in the win column. Yeah okay it was against a Griffin team, but still, on the standings page there is no longer a zero in the W slot.

Season cost $210 for skaters, $105 for goalies.  Conveniently pay online.
All Players should have half the season paid in at this point.

League Fee amount

 TUESDAY GAMES  April 21, 2015

YAHTZEE        2   F

It took Battleship six weeks, but they are no longer winless.

Without their leading scorer Jay Frasca, Battleship only could muster 4 goals, getting two from unlikely hero Vinny Gingle.

It would be enough, as Yahtzee could only manage a pair of goals from Terry Patsel in another disappointing loss for the light blue team. With all this talent, how are both teams playing this badly ?

Game boxscore

RISK             2   F

No Mullen, no Leyden, no Teddy Sniffles, meant no offense for Risk.

It was 1-0 Risk after a Bianco goal, as Vinny carried his team in the first period. But two late goals by Gratz and Susi would start the Trouble offense.

After sub Collins tied it early in the 2nd at 2-2, the black team went on to score the next 8 goals in a 10-2 win. We're not sure who was screwing over who in this game, Vinny or Smitty??

Game boxscore

MONOPOLY            3   F

The Hippos are the hottest team in the league, taking down two Tuesday power house teams in a row. They are actually a likeable team now.

After a 2-2 first period, Guimond would only allow one more goal as the Hippos cashed in 5 times to take this one 7-3.

Justin Cole had 4 goals to lead the Hippos. Higgins had a goal and 3 assists.

Game boxscore

STRATEGO                     11  F

A couple of teams with no defense met in the Graveyard Game. With a huge win, Karas may have just won the Rob Richards sweepstakes.

It started fast and ended faster as this wild west shootout produced 26 goals.

Chutes once again played with only their top six skaters, and somehow they pulled out the win.

Game boxscore

This Week's Scapegoat

This week's Goat Award is given to Hippos top pick Mark Dakhlian.

Since winning the Title last Saturday season, we've all watched his hockey skills go down the tubes in a hurry.

He was the only Hippo to not contribute in the win on Tuesday night. This after missing 4 weeks of hockey just recently.

Did he go to the RVB hockey camp ?

Stars of the week

First Star Second Star Third Star
Vinny Gingle - Battleship

 A pair of 2nd period goals was enough to get his team their first win of the season, 4-2.

Justin Cole - Hippos

Four goals and no slashes was enough to get the Hippos a monster win over Monopoly.
Justin Guimond - Hippos

Held Monopoly to just 3 goals. Is he back or just visiting ?