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Tuesday Top News - the new and improved Dave Niemi


Could the recent rash of scoring find Dave Niemi going in the 8th round next season ?

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 TUESDAY GAMES  March 28, 2017


Captain Cain mailed this one in. He showed up late, didn't seem to care, went through the motions, and was on the wrong end of a 9-4 final.

The Riders got goals from Lucas and Mullen, who almost lost his cool but didn't. Smitty and Yvan also scored for the winners. The Bombers lead is just one point now.

Game stats and preview here.

MAD DOGS     5  F

The Stampede are the 2nd hottest team in the Tuesday League. Not only that, but they have a 3 game winning streak too.

Mike DeVincent had a sweet game, as Dennis is pinning the team playoff hopes on him. Rob McHugh did not show up to play net for the Mad Dogs, they got stuck with Jimmy.

Game stats and preview here.

ESKIMOS      4   F

A matchup of two teams going in opposite directions. The Moes are in a tail spin, losing their 4th in a row after a 4-1 start.

The Stallions have been undefeated since adding Tom Ceurvels to the roster, and since Dave Niemi took on the roll of assistant deputy captain in reserve.

Game stats and preview here.

LIONS               5  F

The lowly Lions took on the hottest team in the league and got steamrolled. The Renegades have now won 4 in a row, and are just two points out of first place.

Tim McPherson had a 5 point night and Moose had 4 points. Tony LaVerde was all over the open net like Josh on Rask after a loss.

Game stats and preview here.

This Week's Scapegoat

This week's Goat Award is given to Mad Dogs goalie Rob McHugh.

Rob didn't show up, and later texted saying that he thought his game was at 10pm.

He didn't show up at 10pm either. Something's fishy here. Either way, his team still lost. So he can't be blamed.

Stars of the week

First Star Second Star Third Star
Tom Ceurvels - Stallions

The Stallions are undefeated since Tommy went in for Mike Arsenault.
Stephen DePrato - Mad Dogs

If McHugh gets the goat for not showing up, then DePrato gets a star for showing up to play and then not because of a goalie sub mix up.
Tony LaVerde - Renegades

Nobody scores open net goals like Tony scores open net goals.