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Tuesday Top News

Subs help Ghostbusters shutout Rocky
Some nights you can win or die with sub players, especially in the summer. After being on the wrong end of subs for the first few games of the season, Ghostbusters were on the other end of things, and they shutdown they high powered offense of Rocky with a 6-0 win. Erik Hajen picked up the shutout.

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All Players should have half the season paid in at this point.

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 TUESDAY GAMES  July 28, 2015

TOP GUN     5
PLATOON     2   F

3-0 Platoon took on 0-3 Top Gun.  Karas made this one easier than the Death Star escape for Top Gun.

Gratz opened up the scoring and would finish with 3 of the 5 Top Gun goals to lead his team to a "win". Leyden and Zall had the other two goals.

Tyler Bova finished with 2 goals on 122 shots attempted. Everyone else played just as bad for the Platoon team.

Game stats here

ROCKY                     0  F

The 0-3 Ghostbusters are now 1-3 after shutting out 2nd place Rocky.

Erik Hajen made good use of both posts and the crossbar, and didn't let anything in as he picked up the shutout.

At the other end Jay Sopp was strong in net too, keeping his team in it all night long.

A couple of sub upgrades may or may not have had an effect on the outcome.

Game stats here

GOONIES            5   F

This should have been the best game of the night, but with so many key players out for both teams, it was not.

Last season's champ TO seems to be taking the same path this season, A bad regular season, then hopefully a huge playoff run.

Philbrook and Caddyshack have no problem with that, taking advantage of things and running up the score on the orange team. Susi ran up the score the most.

Game stats here

ALIENS         12
ROBOCOP     7   F

The night ended with Murf scoring as the Aliens arrested RoboCop. It was both good and bad, as it's nice to see Murf happy, but then again, it's not nearly as entertaining.

It was close after one with the Aliens holding a 4-3 lead. But 4 goals in the 2nd and 4 more in the third would put this one out of reach.

Even Chris Spuglio and Mike Callahan scored for the winners. Rob Richards had one point for RoboCop.

Game stats here

This Week's Scapegoat

This week's Goat Award is given to Goonies utility player Matt Lovebone Clark.

Matty can't seem to find his groove this season on the Goonies team. He is playing far below his 8th round pick status right now.

Playing on a line with Randy Cip and Rob Moore is not helping, we know, but you have to rise above your teammates sometimes.

Stars of the week

First Star Second Star Third Star
Erik Hajen - Ghostbusters

Stopped everything that was shot at him, with some help form the posts, in a 6-0 shutout win.

Kevin Murphy - Aliens

Did you see his bomb from the point for a goal ?
Terry Patsel - Rockey

He was only a few minutes late for his game this week.
Making progress.