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Tuesday Top News -  All games close this week as parity rules on Tuesday


A great photo of Courtenay rubbing out Estrela in a past game.

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 TUESDAY GAMES  June 20, 2017

RUSH                    5
DOOBIE BROS.    3   F 

Rob McHugh was late and Mike Susi didn't show at all, but Rush managed to put together a 5-3 win.

Mahoney had two goals, but wouldn't have had any if it weren't for Ben Corman.

Game stats here

BOSTON          5

Boston's attendance has been dreadful, this week they picked up another sub win. Sensale had a pair of goals for the winners.

Birthday Boy Burge had two for Pink Floyd, but is still struggling this season.

Game stats here

QUEEN          8
BEE GEES    6   F

The top two teams met at 9pm, and played to a 6-6 tie after two.

The Bee Gees were held scoreless in the third as Queen remains unbeaten and headed for a Downgrade. Good thing the goal that was missed didn't come back to haunt BG.

Game stats here

JOURNEY          6   F 

7th place Cheap Trick took on 8th place Journey in the 4th barn burner of the night.

Estrela and Lucas combine for all 7 goals while TO scored one in his own net. Journey needs more production from Caggiano if they expect a 2nd win this season.

Game stats here

This Week's Scapegoat

This week's Goat Award is given to Bee Gees forward Dave Niemi.

It's okay to play as bad as Murf, except if Murf is already on the team. You can't have two Murfs and expect to win.

This week the former tri-captain mad the real Murf look good. Then again, he was playing the top team in the league this week.

Stars of the week

First Star Second Star Third Star
Alek Kanevsky - Cheap Trick

The aging Russian faced over 50 shots, but got his team a hard fought 7-6 win.
Ben Corman - Rush

We know he touched the ball atleast twice, because he had two assists.
Terry O'Leary - Cheap Trick

Helped his team to a win despite scoring into his own net.