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Tuesday Top News

Two Many Lemays for Black Rose to handle
It was Shane Lemay night on Tuesday night, as the long time veteran player is moving to Florida. His ABG team had clinched first place and had nothing to play for, but their opponent Black Rose did. Shane would take a pass from his son Cam, and score the game winner in the third as ABG defeated a shocked Black Rose team 7-4, to drop Rose from 2nd to 3rd place for the playoffs.


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 GAME RESULTS  October 21, 2014

FOURS             3   F

On paper this should have been an easy Fours win. With Philbrook out, only Gardner was around to sub. Much to the dismay of slumping forward Kevin McGovern, Gardner turned in a strong game on defense in front of Mike Walsh, as Operation Shut Down Muzz was in full swing.

Not only did Muzz get shut down, but so did Estrela, who could only manage a lone goal at some point in the third with the game already decided.

Speaking of McGovern, he did struggle, but Susi and Gingle managed to spoon feed him for 5 goals. Joe Marino tacked on two for Hong Kong as well. With the loss the Fours fall to the 7th seed for the playoffs.

Game boxscore here

ABG                    7

ABG clinched first place weeks ago, while Black Rose was trying to pick up two points to shore up 2nd place.

But on Shane Lemay night, the karma was too much for the black team. With Karas staying home, Cam B. and Cam Lemay shared the sub duties. Cam B. scored a goal for the light blue team in the 2nd, and then midway through the third Cam Lemay set up big daddy Shane for the game winner.

BR trailed 4-0 heading into the third before they got on the board. But the rally began way too late. Jay Surrette scored an EN goal to get his season total up to four. Joe Mullen subbed for BR and had as many points as he did penalties.

Game boxscore here

HARP                        6   F

Green Dragon had nothing to play for except pride. Something the Griff and the Harp team lost a long time ago.

After a close first period, BSP and Billy One Arm combined to put the green team up 8-3 after two periods, and never looked back.

The Harp did pick up a SH goal and a PP goal, but for the most part it was more of the same mediocrity and no emotion from the yellow team.

Justin Guimond felt good after the win, and is standing by his bold prediction of taking down the top team next week in round one of the playoffs.

Game boxscore here

SULLY'S TAP       11

Sully's had a clear path to 2nd place seeing as Black Rose choked at 8pm against a resting ABG team.

Grand Canal needs all 9 original players to get a win or a tie, and on this night they were missing 3.

It didn't take long for Sully's to put this one away. Four goals in the first including one by rookie call up Justin Cole had the silver team in the lead. Three more in the 2nd had them up 7-2 after two.

And with Tony LaVerde back on defense, there was little chance of a Grand Canal come back. A big win for ST gets them the 2nd seed for the playoffs nest week.

Game boxscore here

This Week's Scapegoat

This week's Goat Award is given to ABG 2nd line defenseman Mark Dakhlian.

He may lead the Saturday league n scoring, but struggled in a pair of games on Tuesday night, amassing only a single goal in back to back games.

Before the game, he did admit to the EMRHL Insider that he felt that the clock had struck midnight on his magical run.

Stars of the week

First Star Second Star Third Star
Cam Lemay - ABG sub

Cam set up his dad for the GWG in the third period.
Shane Lemay - ABG

It may have been his final game, but we couldn't justify a top star for his mediocre game play.
Derek Cole - Sully's Tap

After winning the scoring title, he immediately invoked a
 No Zuke clause for next season.