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We're doing the best we can with who shows up. The summer season woes have arrived early.

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We have been having exhibition games at noon along with our normal games.

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SATURDAY GAMES -  June 12, 2021

IRELAND            4   F 

First place was on the line. So what do you do? You call up Quigg. He scored a pair of goals to lead VC to the 9-4 win and first place.

Brendan Collins had a nice goal for Ireland, but that was all the good news for them.

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TURKEY      6    F 

Turkey just couldn't do anything right. Not even McKiel. It was 4-3 after one, but that's when Turkey got stuffed. Though they did have 6 different scorers.

Anthony Fig had a monster game on offense and Panico was great on defense for Norway.

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SPAIN       9
CYPRUS   3   F

Spain steals 5th place from Cyprus as the middle of the pack went at it at 9am. Chris Spuglio had the hot hand scoring 3, while Brendan Currie and Craig Zecca scored 2 each.

Cyprus was lost without DJ in the lineup.

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SWEDEN   5   F

7th and 8th played the game of the day, with a last second shot by Liam getting stopped by Mark Forti to preserve the win.

Anthony Montuoro had the game winner. It was his 3rd career GWG.

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ROMANIA     4   F

This wasn't even close. It was 7-0 before Mike DeVincent scored a sweet goal to bust up Vittorio's shutout bid. Dakhlian and DJ were no help to Romania.

Tony LaVerde was able to mail this one in and let JT and his buddy do all the work.

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REGULARS      7   FOT 

Brit Leigh scored on a penalty shot in OT, after she was viciously hooked by Steve C, and that gave the Irregulars the win over the Regulars.

Nick Brackett looked good in his return to the E, and Fig continues to dominate the exhibition games.


Stars of the week

First Star Second Star Third Star
Chris Spuglio - Spain

A hat trick for Spug this week in the 9-3 win.
Anthony Montuoro - Iceland

Had the game winning goal. It was just his 3rd career game winner.
John Quigg - Vatican City

When you need some goals, who you cann call?
Shutout Busters.

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