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 TUESDAY GAMES - March 21, 2023

TROJANS          11   F

We knew it would be high scoring and it was. When the dust settled, Nate Scott made some last second saves to preserve the win and his first Tuesday night sub win.

Every player in this game had a point of some kind, except for Yvan and Surette, who were obviously very busy playing defense in the 12-11 final.

Game preview and stats here

DAWGZ      8
CLOWNS    1   F

The Dawgz got a gusty perfomance in net from Dennis McGonagle, who settled down after a rough first period.

But he got very little help on the offensive front, as the Clowns fell to the top seeded Dawgs. Geoff Collins, Moose, and Chad Langley did all the offensive damage for the winners.

Game preview and stats here

IRISH                 8   F

Another game full of subs and not much defense. DJ is his own biggest fan, and he impressed himself again this week, scoing 3 goals, all stellar according to him.

The Irish kept it close until the end, where they took a late penalty that led to a powerplay goal that clinched the game. Eddie Cain had two goals in the loss. Too bad.

Game preview and stats here

DUCKS     4   F

The final game of the night once again featured very little defense, as double digits were reached again. Without Caggiano again, the Ducks were dead ducks again.

Everyone on the Tigers had a point in this one, even JT. Lucas missed that game and that may have cost him a shot at the scoring title.

Game preview and stats here

This Week's Scapegoat

This week's Goat Award is given to goalie Chris Vittorio.

Not only did he go 0-2, just missing Dakhlian's record of 0-3 in a single day, but he left his goalie pads at home.

He was able to borrow some pads, and even played very well.

But the combo of forgetting your gear and going 0-2 gets you the Horns.

Stars of the week

First Star Second Star Third Star
Nate Scott - Hurricanes

With so many goalies bailing out on Tuesday, Nate stepped up to play the 6:30 game and picked up his first Tuesday win.
Ed Cain - Irish

Had a pair of goals, but his team fell in his great effort.
Randy Cip - Unhappy Ducks

Cip heped the Commish pick up the jerseys on the gruond that were thrown next to the bag, and put them in the bag.