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Saturday season off and running

Saturday League News

The new season kicked off with 8 of the 9 teams in action. The Racers and Stags looked good, while the Cougars and Blazers both sandbagged.

Season cost is $150 for skaters and $75 for goalies.

If interested in playing in the current season please email:   

Tuesday League

It's a 3 way tie for first place between Beef Teriyaki, Fried Shrimp and General Gau. Looks like Downgrades for all...

At the other end, the Spring Rolls are 1-5 and that's mostly due to poor attendance.

Season cost for this season is $220 for skaters and $110 for goalies.

If interested in playing please email:

Game Stats!
The EMRHL is using Hockeyshift to host our regular season stats. Click on Live & Career stats above to follow along Live during game day or look for scores and stats after the games. Some past seasons are also available, and each players has their own individual page. Playoff schedules will be here on our web page and not on the stats page.


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